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Indian road transport problems

Indian road transport is plagued by many problems. There are many problems of road transport in the country. Which can be presented in the following form- Most of the roads in India are single and high and low, on which accidents are more.

And vehicles break down quickly, as a result fuel is also spent more. The mode on the roads here is very high. According to an estimate, if peacocks are eliminated from the roads of India and straightened them, then a huge savings of 15 billion rupees can be made in transportation expenses and annually.

In brief, the following are the 6 major problems of road transport in the country-

1- In view of the increasing number of passengers and freight travel in India, the road network is relatively less developed.

2- About half of the roadways in the country are green and unpaved which is not suitable for vehicular movement.

3- In the rainy season, unpaved roads are muddy and unusable for vehicles. There is always a fear of accident on them. And most of the vehicles get damaged and put their stop on the road. and itself invites accident

4-Most of the roadways in India are narrow on which it becomes difficult to cross two vehicles at once. This leads to an increase in accidents.

5-No attention has been paid to the development of truck terminals and transport towns in most of the cities of the country. Bus terminals have been set up in the inner parts of the cities. Due to which more time has to be wasted due to congestion of vehicles.

6- Due to overloading of vehicles on national highways, there is always a possibility of accidents. And the situation of jam persists for hours. Travelers are compelled to waste clothes, money and time.

Mention one major problem of road transport in the country.

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