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Introduction to Computers in Hindi

What is Computer?

computer terms compute (compute) which means- calculate. So computer means – computing machine. It is a device that works on the basis of instructions present in its memory. It takes the data (input) and organizes it according to the prescribed rules, gives the result and also stores it for future use. The data which is entered into the computer is called input and the processed result is called output.

Various parts of the computer unit like keyboard, mouse, monitor etc. are installed outside the system while the devices that process and store the information are installed inside the unit. A typical computer is depicted in the figure below.

What is Computer?

We can draw a computer as follows-

Introduction to Computers

The details of the above picture are as follows-

1. Input unit

computer The devices with the help of which any data or program is delivered are called input devices. It is of two types.

(a) Those devices that the person makes direct contact with the computer, such as the keyboard is connected to the computer and through that data or instructions are provided directly to the computer by the person.
(b) Devices in which data and instructions are stored before being sent to the computer.
For example, floppy, magnetic tape, etc.

Examples of input devices

Keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner, light pen, trackball, digital tablet, OMR, O. CR (OCR), MICR (MICR) etc.

2. Central processing unit, CPU

The Central Processing Unit is the main part of the computer. This computer is considered to be the brain and heart. All the calculations done by the computer are done in this part.

The function of input-output equipment is only to connect the user to the computer. The CPU has three major parts-

(a) Main memory

It is the part of CPU in which all data or programs are stored before and after computation. All data and instructions before calculations, instructions required for calculations and intermediate results are stored in these before being sent to the output equipment.

(b) Arithmetic and logic unit

In this thing all kinds of calculations and comparisons are done. All kinds of arithmetic operations and comparisons are done in this unit for the CPU. Intermediate results are obtained in this section which are kept for some time in the primary collection division. Sometimes data is transferred between the primary storage division and the arithmetic logic division before the final result is obtained.

(c) Control unit

The part here serves as the central nervous system for all parts of the computer. Here the part orders all the parts of the computer to work on the basis of instructions. He takes care of the operation of the computer so that the work runs smoothly.

3. Output unit

These devices receive the final result from the Central Processing Unit into binary symbols and convert them into easy-to-read language. Generally monitors and printers are used as output devices.

Different types of output units are used for different types of data such as speaker for sound output, monitor for text display, printer for hard copy output. Examples of some main and output devices are monitor, printer, plotter, speaker etc.

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