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ITI ka full form

Friends, in this post, I have told in detail about the full form of ITI, if you are new, that is, doing ITI or want to do and you want to get information about the full form and meaning of ITI, then read the post completely. .

ITI ka full form

I t i in Hindi language, “Industrial training institute” It is said that this is its full form.
this in english language, “Industrial Training Institute”it is said.


this in hindi language ‘industrial’ it is said. Industrial includes factories, factories, companies, etc.


this in hindi language ‘Training’ it is said. Under this, you are taught and practical or demo related to trade is made. like- In the electrician trade, you will get real practical with complete education related to the trade. So that you can go to any industrial area and do all the work related to electrician easily.


this in hindi language ‘Institute’ it is said. In the institutes, all the work done in the industrial is taught and taught according to different trades. There are two types of institutions, one of which is government institute and second is private institute.

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