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Kingdom Monera

Hello friends my name is Bhupendra. And in which article today will tell you about the world of Monera and its symptoms and classification of the world of Monera will also tell you in this article, then you should read this article completely.

definition of monera kingdom

prokaryotic Celled organisms are placed in the kingdom Monera. It contains all bacterial, blue, green, algae micro plasma.

Kingdom Monera

Common Characteristics of Monera Kingdom

  1. It lacks the center of truth.
  2. It does not contain membrane-bound organelles. For example, mitochondria, lysosomes, nuclei.
  3. Chromosomes are not found in them.
  4. Except for microplasma, cell wall is found in all other members.
  5. They are not found in the walls.
  6. In these, the ribosome is of 70S type.
  7. Nivedita is found in nutrition methods in Jagat Monera.
  8. Some organisms are symbiotic like rhizoBM.
  9. Taxogenetic or asexual reproduction occurs in members of Monera. They lack sexual reproduction.
  10. Some organisms are found in unfavorable environmental conditions such as extremely hot places, some in marshy areas. This type of life is called archae bacteria.

classification of the kingdom Monera

1.Bacteria: These are not actually plants. The chemical organization of their cell wall is completely different from the chemical organization of the plant cell. Although some bacteria are capable of photosynthesis, the bacteriochlorophyll present in them is completely different from the chlorophyll present in plants.

2.Actinomycetes: These are also called fungicidal bacteria. These are bacteria whose structure is fibrous or branched like a fungal web. They were previously considered fungi, but due to their prokaryotic cellular organization, they are now considered bacteria. Streptomyces is an important genus of this group. Different types of antibiotics are obtained from many species of fungicidal bacteria.

3.Archaebacteria: It is believed that they are representatives of the oldest living organisms. That’s why they have been named Archae which means bacteria. so these oldest living fossil is called. On the basis of the conditions in which they live, the bacteria are divided into three groups – methanazones, halophiles and thermoacidophiles.

1. Define the kingdom of Monera.

Organisms with prokaryotic cells are placed in the kingdom Monera. It contains all bacterial, blue, green, algae micro plasma.

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