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Limitations of the Computer

Computer is also an electric machine which is able to do work only to a certain extent and it cannot think or do more than this? Explained in further detail.

Computer limitations Computer limitations

The limitations of computer are as follows.

  1. in computer not the ability to think for himself It only acts on the given instructions if the given instruction is true then the result is true otherwise not.
  2. if any topic discussion if you want to Computer not working in this condition Just like humans use their imaginations.
  3. on the computer hard programming It is necessary for a programmer to have a good knowledge of it.
  4. Computer technology changes very quickly, due to which old computers soon become of little use. and their limited working capacity It becomes Because of this, from time to time the computer Hardware and software changes It needs to be done which is very costly.
  5. When data that important information is stored in the computer, then their need for security falls otherwise computer virus Important information can be damaged at any moment by computer virus.
  6. with time banks business Today by computer Fraud of whom are there.

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