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Meaning of yoga and health?


The word ‘yoga asana’ is made up of two words – ‘yoga’ and ‘asana’. The power and state are called yogasanas. Giving the definition of Yoga, Maharishi Patanjali has written, Yoga is to control the vratis of one’s mind. Asana means to be stable in any one position. In this way, yogasana gives special yoga in providing energy to the body and mind.

Yoga and sports

It is clear from the meaning of yoga that it is a purposeful action. The actions which are done to achieve body-building, make the nervous system successful and give impetus to the financial powers, definitely benefit the body. Special types of yogasanas are prescribed by yoga experts for different needs of the body.

Although the benefits of yoga, exercise and sports are almost the same, yet people consider the difference between yoga and sports. Some scholars believe that except the tiring activities of yoga, the rest of the physical activities come under sports.

Health benefits of yoga: physical and mental

By doing yoga, both the mind and body of the person are benefited. From the point of view of physical health, yoga makes the person’s body well-formed, healthy and beautiful. His body system becomes completely healthy, digestion power is fast and blood effect remains fine.

physically and properly. When purity comes in the body, then its glow and shine on the skin. The food falls on time, so they get the right amount of blood, meat, they get growth. The body becomes healthy and fit.

Vigor and enthusiasm remains throughout the day, muscles remain flexible, due to which the power of action increases and the person does not lose heart from work. There is a unique attraction in physical formation. By doing yoga, the semen corpus fills the body, due to which there is radiance on the body and radiance on the head. In this way the workout e body doing yoga asanas is recognized separately in the crowd of thousands.

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