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method of making copper

Friends, today you are welcome to my website iti course.com, today I am going to tell you how to make copper. If you want to know how to make it, then read the complete post.

method of making copper

Friends, there are many impurities in copper before making copper. These impurities are called ores. There are mainly two ores of copper. of which a malachite and second copper pyrite Ore happens.


in these ores Sulphur impurities are found. The ore is first ground to remove these impurities, followed by sifting. After that it is melted.

When the ore is melted, it is then reflection furnace is inserted in. Copper According to the method of preparation, that is, after the complete process in this furnace, the molten material obtained is poured into the converter. over here impurities i.e. impurities of oxidation To make the molten material a gust of air is given.

After completion of the oxidation process, this metal is molded into slab i.e. strip shaped. This slablike to metal blister it is said.

blister There are also some inaccuracies in it. It is then processed by putting it in a reflecting furnace to remove these impurities. Next, repeat the same process as before. blister metal to heat it electronic process is also heated by

1. Use of Copper

It is mostly used in electrical equipment.

2. Where is copper not found?

in Udaipur

3. Where is maximum copper found in India?


Where is maximum copper found in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, maximum copper is found in Jhunjhunu district.

5.Who is the ore of copper?

Copper Glass, Copper Pyrite, Cuprite, Mechelite

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