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Methods of Charging the Battery | recharge the battery

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you that we will tell you about some means of recharging the battery, so if you want to know about these mediums, then definitely read this article completely, we will get all the information related to ITI in this article. Website Keep putting in so let’s get started.

The main methods of charging the battery are as follows-

1) Constant Current Method

In this method the value of the given current at the time of charge remains almost constant, hence it is called the steady current method of charge. In this method the battery is usually Charging Rate, Its discharge rate should be kept approximately the same, this does not reduce the efficiency of the battery.

This method is used where the supply voltage be high. Like- D.C. 220V, 110V, while battery voltage is 6 volts, 12 volts so the constant current through the lamps circuit By making the battery is charged. There is more energy loss in this.

Use– in large numbers battery This method is used to charge a constant current.


2) Constant Voltage Method

in this method voltage is maintained at a fixed value of 2.3 V per battery. In this, a variable resistance (variable resistance) is connected in series to the battery, for this a voltage source of 2.5 to 2.6 volts per cell is required, if a 12 volt car battery is to be charged, a 15 volt dynamo is necessary. . In this method the wastage of energy is less.

3) Rectifier Method

Rectifier is a device through which AC to D.C. is changed because D.C. Source needed to charge the battery. it occurs. Rectifier bridge by installing a step down transformer circuit The battery is charged by making and converting 250V to 24, 12, 9, 6V. There are rectifiers in the battery charger. This method is mostly used for charging the battery.

4) Boost Charging

This method is used to charge bus, truck, car battery. In this method a special type of D.C. Generators are used.

5) Trickle Charging

Trickle charging refers to the rate at which a fully charged battery is charged during a no load condition, thus keeping the battery at a fully charged level, a process called trickle charging. In this the charging current is 20% of the total current.

Important things about battery charging-

  1. friends anytime battery If it is hot or kept in a working environment, do not try to charge it at all as there are chances of explosion in the battery.
  2. The battery should never be over charged. To protect this, you can also use Auto Cut Modulus (Tool) using this to automatically turn off the power supply when the battery is fully charged, so that your battery does not overcharging and the battery life is prolonged.
  3. You should never charge the battery while using it. This reduces the efficiency of your battery a lot and the life of your battery is also reduced, use it sparingly while charging the battery.
  4. Try to keep the battery in a ventilated place. Do not keep the battery in a closed place. Especially while charging, because some gas is formed in your battery while charging and keeping it in open space keeps the temperature inside it to some extent.

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