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Mother’s Aanchal (Shiv Poojan Help)-

1- Why was Bholanath more attached to his father on the basis of the text read?


The child Bholanath had more choice than his father, yet at the time of calamity, he did not go to the father and went to the shelter of the mother. Know very well that there she understands her feelings, needs and sorrows much more and she is also serious towards them, this can be understood from the example of the text itself He starts crying because of that neither his eyes nor the trembling of his lips stops.

Seeing this condition of the child, the mother could not stop her anger. She repeatedly cried looking at Bholenath and hugged him with great affection, while the father did not have any special reaction to it, she must have run and took him in her lap. Tried but she could not assure him even emotionally and emotionally that she felt the intensity of his grief and fear while the mother’s tears assured the child that she alone understands his sorrow and she is the only one in that misery. he also participates

2- Why do you think Bholanath forgets to sobb on seeing his companions.


Bhola Nath had many friends, he used to make a lot of spectacle and play a dog in the bunch of those friends, he was very fond of playing and jumping, so he would forget to sobb at the sight of his friends and get involved in their sports.

3-How the games and play materials of Bholanath and his companions differ from your games and play materials.


The games of Bholanath and his companions are completely different from today’s games, today children living in villages and cities have started playing cricket, chess, snakes, ladders, etc. Modern games play with toys, we go to the park, there we play football, we play jumping rope. We play badminton, perhaps it may be played in the period depicted by the compositions or it may not be in the rural environment of Bholenath.
Thus the sports material of Bholanath was clay, twigs of trees or items used in the house, whereas nowadays excellent sports goods are available in the market.

4- Describe the questions that came in the lesson that touched your heart.


1- The boy Bholenath fights with his father, the father loses the wrestling, the father’s father is sour and sweet, the father should prick the child’s beard mustache and call the child and apply his mustache.

2- Child Bholanath along with his companions take out a procession to the sweet shop Sadani Bharat, the bridegroom, the bride, the bridegroom, the bride, the harvest, the sowing, the harvest, the sowing game.

3- After the snake came out of the rat’s bill, everyone started running away and running away from the bakehouse in fear, started the father of the injured child Bholenath in a bleeding state.

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