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multiple words-

1-multiple words

Word Meaning
Word multiple words
Meaning Money, meaning, reason, for.
Axis Eye, Serpent, Knowledge, Circle, Chariot, Chaucer’s dice, Axle, Wheel, Spirit, Nail.
Exception Stigma, that prevailing context, which is against the rule.
Guest Guest, sage, traveller, unfamiliar person, one who brings harmony to the sacrifice, Agni, the grandson of Rama or the son of Kush.
Arun Red, Surya, the charioteer of the sun, etc.
objection Calamity, objection.
Answer North direction, answer, solution etc.
art Part, skill to do a task well.
do Hand, trunk, beam, tax.
Ear Karna (name), ear.
accomplished Well, smart.
Bird Bird, Star, Gandharva, Arrow.
Go Arrow, eye, thunderbolt, cow, heaven, earth, Saraswati, sun, bull etc.
score Counting Numbers, Drama Points, Chapters, Symbols, Numbers, Destiny.
Letter Brahma, Vishnu, Akaradi, Varna, Shiva, Dharma, Moksha, Gagan, Truth, Water, Tapasya etc.
amber Sky, clothes
Nectar Gold, water, mercury, milk, food etc.
Expectation Desire, need, hope, instead, etc.
Common Mango fruit, common, modest.
Gold Datura, Gold, Palash, Wheat
Only only, pure knowledge, only
Coat Wearing coat, fort.
grade bow end, range, cr.
really Wicked, donkey, straw, a demon.
Khal Wicked, datura, medicine pounder.
Teacher teacher, planetary, best, burden, Jupiter
count Groups, human beings, Bhootpretaadi, Shiva’s ganas, Pingal’s ganas.
cube Cloudy, more, dense, in which the length and breadth and thickness are equal.
waterfowl Lotus, Pearl, Conch, Fish, Moon, Sevar.
Net Fabric, texture, web.
star The pupil of the eye, the constellation, the female of Bali, the female of Jupiter.
Funds Property, sum.
snake Elephant, snake
Party Fifteen days time, side, wings, force, help, party.
Letter Leaf, letter, feather.
Page Back, page, back.
influence Power, influence, glory, pressure.
Force Army, power.
honey Honey, wine, spring.
fruit result, fruit of the tree, result, profit
Friend Friend, Sun, Beloved, Colleague.
Character Caste, colour, letter.
Deity Fight, body, mortal of the deity.
Odd Which is not even, gruesome, very difficult.
Shiv Mars, Mahadev, Lucky.
gross Thick, readily visible or understandable.
Swan Life, bird.
celebrity Elephant existence.
Value Respect, pride, measure.
Forest Forest, water
motion Movement, condition, salvation etc.
life Water, life, living.
Jaldhar Clouds, sea
matter object, money.
a punishment Danda, punishment.
Religion Nature, nature, duty, creed.
nocturnal Monster, Phantom, Owl, Thief.
Kite Sun, Bird, Locust, Fatinga, Guddi.
drink Milk, water
Water Water, honor, shine.
sacrificial King sacrifices, sacrifices, gifts, taxes etc.
Mahavir Hanuman, very strong, Jain Tirthankara.
Mute Silent, silent, constrained.
Hari Vishnu, Indra, Serpent, Frog, Lion, Horse, Sun, Moon, Parrot, Vanar, Yamraj, Wind, Brahma, Shiva, Kiran, Cuckoo, Swan, Fire, Mountain, Elephant, Cupid, Green color etc.
pure Holy, right, in which there is no adulteration.
Sir Pond, head, defeated.
Health Happiness, health, freedom from disease.
activity Speed, effort, gusto.
inferior Poor, poor, poor.
target Aim, aim.
Oppose Antagonism, opposite, feeling.
Sudha Amrit, water.
rest rest, garden, heal
infinite Sky, God, Vishnu, Endless, Sheshnag
Holiday occasion, holiday, interval
gap rest, distance, heart, distinction
balance Hades, lips, low
Extract Rasa, Surya, Indra
sprout notch, swelling, pimple, rue
hook control, stop, elephant driving stick
Anjan mascara, night, illusion, coating
Part part, ray, degree of angle
the ending death, expiration, limit
achyut Krishna, Stable, Indestructible
upper beyond, other, other
disabled person handicapped, corner of the eyes, tilak
forward main, forward, peak, tip, mountain, tree, immovable
today Brahma, the goat, father of Dasharatha
Execution clear, practice, intoxication, time
ali bumblebee, dog, wine
Arishta crow, neem, garlic
ah trouble, snake, sun
immovable mountain, firm, steady
stuck obstructed, confused, wandering
Soul life, fire, sun
Shape form, call, attempt
ashug arrow, letter, air
Aali friend, row
domicile residence, settlement, neighbour, stubbornness
Anal Fire, Jeeva, Vishnu, Parameshwara
upay loss, destruction, loss, annihilation, nuisance
abhay Fearlessness, Shiva, Safe
investment insistence, determination, determination, affection
ayoni eternal, womb, original, unborn
Ashoka Mourningless, A tree, Magadhraj,
eye Nyan, test, progeny, hole
Pleasure happiness, wine, shiva
abhire ahir, a raga
Agaj originated from the mountain, different from the elephant
god Paramatma, Shiva, Swami, Brass, Mercury
perfume ordinary, low, second
pointed sign, sign, move
Indra god, night, king
Violent mahadev, fierce, poison
industry labor, business, factory
Generous donor, big, simple, friendly
single cana, crow
airavati Iravati River, Electricity, Vatpatri
Oak bird, shudra, home, shelter, nausea
average intermediate, simple, intermediate
Era Time, Death, Yamraj
tomorrow day bye, day to come, machine
Work work, lust, cupid, profession, business
blunt an original, twisted
gross lineage, all
Krishna Kala, Kanhaiya, Ved Vyas
Ketu a house, best, glow, flag
kink Yama, Yughisthir, Kshatriya
kankan bracelet, mangalsutra, wedding dress
thorn thorn, defect, alligator
room room, armpits, creeper, vaju, ranivas
sarcasm sarcasm, sarcasm, slant
Cancer crab, a zodiac, mirror, white
cock crow, lame,
Kadamba Kadamba, reed, arrow, sour wine
Kairav Lotus, Kumud, Enemy, Thug
tubers sweet potato, cloud, sugar candy
Kelly gag, game, earth
Lotus pankaj, copper, sky, deer
aeon morning, wine
Exercise exercise, exercise
Knot water, clouds
kambu bracelet, shell
art quiver, group, moon, business
scandal accident, bunch
Caitan flag, work, home, invitation
Kurang deer, blue, discolor
Aquarius pitcher, a zodiac, elephant’s head
crooked wicked, crooked, curly
kaushik Vishwamitra, Weasel, Owl, Indra, Snake charmer
So skillful, story
dagger crippled, lame
Property skill, modesty, rope, specialty
Donkey donkey, fool, doctor
Assumption take, swallow
Govind Krishna, lord of the seminar
gotra lineage, thunderbolt, mountain
notice blonde, meditating
decrease pitcher, body, edge, heart
pier side, docks
Hatred hate, hate,
phase step, line, part
playful lakshmi, woman, electricity
Fodder animal feed, way, remedy
Root original, stupid
just little old age
talpa cot, woman, attic
meager soft, bodied, meager, sculpted, slender
tat father, friend, revered, beloved
Tamchar owl, monster, thief
team leaf, letter, group, army,
a punishment punishment, stick
dvija teeth, bird, brahmin, ganesh
maid mother, earth
Dhananjay Nag, Arjun
Post step, word, foot, place, rank
Water water, honor
Party 15 days, side, wings, force, party
Feather wings, after, above, but
husband lord, god
pyodhar tits, clouds
loop ties, rope
Fun snake fun
fiddle a flower, time, pot
enough tame, car, end
Bala girl, ornament, ring
ghost past, past

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