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Nationalist Movement in Indo China

1-What was the meaning of the civilization mission of the colonists.

Colonization Cars Civilization Mission The meaning was to disseminate Western thought, culture, education, linguistics and concepts in the colonies.

For this, the French set up many schools in Vietnam where science philosophy and French were taught, but this mission had the opposite effect because it carried Vietnamese culture and transmitted the western culture whose colonies used to make fun of Car Price. .

Nationalist Movement in Indo China

2-Early History

Modern Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia The areas are called Indo China. In ancient times, the people here were divided into different groups and lived under the umbrella of the powerful empire of China. Even when independent nations were formed, the rulers here continued to follow the ancient culture of China and adopted the administrative system there.

Vietnam was also connected by the Silk Route which went through the water route. For this reason goods, people and ideas have been imported here for centuries. It was also connected by other trade routes to the hinterland where non-Vietnamese people lived; such as Khmer Cambodian.

3-What does colonization mean for France?

natural to the powers of Europe resources And to meet the demand for other things, colonization was needed. The European powers also believed that it was their responsibility to reform the backward peoples as they were ‘developed’.

The French began to build canals to irrigate the land of the Mekong Delta so that crop yields could be increased. This greatly helped in increasing the production of rice. This can be inferred from this.

That in 1900, rice was cultivated on a total of 274,000 hectares, which increased to 11 lakh hectares in 1930. By 1931, two-thirds of the total paddy produced from Vietnam began to be exported. In this way Vietnam became the world’s third largest exporter of paddy.

After that the work of making basic facilities started there. This was necessary for the easy movement of goods and soldiers. The French started work on a comprehensive Indo China rail system.

The last rail link from Yunnan in China was completed in 1910. A second line was built that connected Vietnam with Siam. The old name of Thailand is Siam.

4-Whether the colony should develop.

Paul Bernard was a well-known French thinker; Those who believed that the creation of basic facilities was necessary to make the people of Vietnam happy. Had the people been happy, a better market could have been created for French business. He also stressed on land reforms to increase the yield of agriculture.

During that time the economy of Vietnam was mainly dependent on the cultivation of paddy and rubber. Rails and ports were built to provide more facilities to these areas. But the French did nothing to industrialize the economy of Vietnam.

5-What it means to be modern

The Chinese culture had a strong influence on the Vietnamese elite, which was important for the French to reduce. The old education system was destroyed in a planned manner.

And in its place an attempt was made to establish a new education system. But the Chinese language used by the elite was proving too difficult to overthrow.

Some French policy makers wanted French to be the medium of instruction, creating an Asian France with strong links to Europe’s France. Some other thinkers believed that Vietnamese language should be taught in lower classes and French language in higher classes. Provision of French citizenship was also kept for those who have mastered the French language and French culture.

But the students were deliberately failed in the final examination of the French class. This was done with a view to preventing the local people from coming forward for well-paying jobs. School books glorified French culture, justified colonial rule, and depicted Vietnamese as backward.

According to the French, imitating Western culture meant being modern. The men of Vietnam used to have long hair while the French rulers promoted short hair.

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