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natural resources-

1-What are natural resources?

Those resources which we get free from nature are called natural resources.

2-types of natural resources

Although the characteristics and uses of each natural resource are different from each other, they are classified into two broad categories, which are called renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Let’s look at them in detail here:

natural resources

3-Renewable Natural Resources,

Renewable natural resources, as the name suggests, are naturally renewable and can be used over and over again, such as water, solar energy, wood, biomass, air and soil, etc. comes under. Although many of these resources such as water, air and sunlight are easily renewable, but Some natural resources like wood and soil take time to renew. Renewable resources are further classified into biotic and abiotic.

When renewable resources are derived from animals and plants, they are called biotic renewable resources, whereas when renewable resources are obtained from non-living things, they are called abiotic renewable resources.

natural resources

4-distribution of natural resources

Natural resources are randomly distributed on the earth. Different parts of the earth are rich in different types of natural resources. In some places abundant amount of sunlight is obtained, while there are some places where people are mostly deprived of sunlight, similarly, in some places water bodies are many, while some areas are full of minerals. Has happened. There are many factors that affect the unequal distribution of natural resources. Climate and land are one of the main factors.

Some countries that have rich reserves of natural resources include China, Iraq, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Canada and Brazil. Let us know about those countries which are rich in natural resources:-

natural resources

Effect of uneven distribution of natural resources

This unequal distribution of natural resources provides avenues for international trade, which encourages businesses and claims economic development for various countries around the world, which are rich in oil, natural gases, minerals and other natural resources. Unlike them, those who lack these resources start playing power with them. Because of these reasons, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

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