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Non-agricultural activities in Palampur village-

1-How agriculture is done in Palampur village-

Farming is the main activity of production in Palampur, about 75% of the working manpower is involved in agricultural work because the land area under the village is limited, so efforts are being made to adopt intensive agriculture.

In Palampur, all the land is cultivated, jowar and bajra from October to December, potatoes and wheat from the winter season are cultivated in one part of the land, sugarcane is also cultivated in one part of the land. Cultivation is also done in this way more crops are produced in 1 year where it is known in multiple cropping system.

Modern agricultural methods are also being used to increase production in Palampur. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, irrigation through tube-wells of improved varieties of seeds, more quantity is being produced in the same piece of land than before. In the production of wheat. There has been a lot of increase, now there is a surplus of wheat with the farmers to sell in millet.

Non-agricultural activities in Palampur village-

2-Non-farm activities in Palampur village-

In Palampur, only 25% of the working population is engaged in non-agricultural activities. Following are the main non-agricultural activities.

1- The people of Dairy-Palampur village keep buffalo and also go to the nearby big village Raiganj for milk collection and cooling center is open in Raiganj.

2- Small Scale Manufacturing – About 50 people of the village are engaged in manufacturing work, here also the manufacturing work is done on a small scale and the production method is very simple.

3-Cottage industry-pruning sugarcane in the village
A machine is installed, these machines are operated by electricity, the farmers themselves fly maths and buy sugarcane of others and make quality and send it to Sahaypur and the trader.

4-Business work- The traders of Palampur buy many types of items from the wholesale markets of the cities and bring them to the village and sell them like rice, wheat, tea, oil, biscuit, soap, etc. Food items are also sent from crowded areas.

5-Transport Vehicles- People of Palampur drive many types of vehicles like rickshaw jeep tractor truck etc. These vehicles carry goods and passengers from one place to another and in return the drivers get money in the form of rent.

6-Training Service-A computer center is open in Palampur village. Two computer degree holder women also work in this center as computer training. Enough students are learning from computer.

3- State the economic and social status of Palampur village-

Palampur is a fictional village where agriculture is the main activity. Apart from this, many non-agricultural activities like small scale minimum Delhi transport etc. are done on a limited scale. Palampur village is well connected to the neighboring villages. Various types of vehicles carry the goods produced in the village to the nearby 10 towns and cities. About 450 families of different castes live in the village, most of which are of low caste. The village has 2 primary schools, a high school, a government primary health center and a private dispensary.

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