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Nose of George V (Kamleshwar)

Hello friends, welcome to our website 10th12th.com, today we will tell you. Class 10 Hindi Lesson Number Second George V’s Nose In this lesson we will tell all the questions and answers.

Question 1- What mentality does the concern or disdain seen about putting George V’s nose in the government system reflect?

Answer-The concern or disillusionment that is seen in the government machinery about putting George V’s nose is his slave Reflects the mentality of persistence and work colliding on top of each other.

Question 3- What caused trouble to Queen Elizabeth’s tailor? How would you justify his troubles?

Answer- Queen Elizabeth the tailor was worried about what the queen would wear when she toured India, Pakistan and Nepal. Her troubles were not justified at all. As a queen, she would already have many clothes on her, which she could also use. The tailor’s trouble was in vain.

Question 3- ‘And seeing the transformation of New Delhi began to change’ – what efforts must have been made for the transformation of New Delhi?

Answer-The following efforts would have been made for the transformation of New Delhi:

  1. All roads may have been improved or built new.
  2. Government buildings would have been painted and painted.
  3. The airport would have been given an attractive look.
  4. The place of stay of the queen must have been renovated in terms of appearance.

Answer- (K)

In today’s journalism, the era of describing the clothes, eating habits of famous personalities has started in vain, due to which the habits of the common man have also changed. My views on this type of journalism are that-

  1. Collecting such things and making them important by repeating them again and again is not a commendable act of journalism.
  2. In journalism, importance is also given to the character of such persons, who never live up to their character, but because of being in the discussion, they do uncomfortable things which are covered in the letters.

(b) young generation like journalism Can be confused at times. Even though she is not capable, she can try to follow the conduct of the elite class. This can lead to the disintegration of the younger generation.

Question 5: What efforts did the sculptor make to restore the nose of George V’s lot?

Answer- The sculptor made several attempts to fit the nose of George V’s lot. He first tried to find the stone from which the idol was made. For this he first got the government files. Then visited all the mountains and stone mines of India. Then toured the whole country to inspect the idols of all the great men of India. In the end, he cut off the nose of the living person and put it on the statue of George V.

Question 6- In the presented story, some such statements have come at different places which make a severe blow on the existing system. For example ‘The files are all digested.’ ‘All the hookahs looked at each other.’ Write down other such statements that come in the text.


  1. Everything was there in Delhi, only the nose was not there.
  2. The power of those who remained silent was on both sides.
  3. The queen came and did not have a nose.
  4. Measured everyone’s nose, but George V’s nose came out bigger.

Question 7- The nose is a sign of honor and prestige. How does this point emerge in the entire satirical work? write.


The nose has always been considered a symbol of honor and prestige. In this text, the author has tried to say a very serious matter in a simple satire by making the nose a symbol of honor and prestige.

The absence of a nose on the lot of George V was like reducing or eliminating the honor and prestige of George V. And that too, when Queen Elizabeth was coming to India with her husband. Not having a nose on the lot could have angered the queen. That is why it was necessary to put the nose of George V.

George V’s Nose

In order to please Queen Elizabeth and her husband, the government machinery had no hesitation in playing with the honor of martyr leaders and brave children. And he made the honor of the nose of a lot higher than the honor of the brave sons of our country. It shows the sycophancy and cunning of the government machinery.

Question 8- To what point does the author want to indicate that the nose of any Indian leader, even an Indian child, does not fit on George V’s lot?

Answer- From the fact that the nose of any Indian leader, even an Indian child, on George V’s lot does not fit, it is indicating that the ideals of Indian leaders and even the nose of Indian children, that is, their character is far more than that of Charge V. High, respectable.

Question 9 – How did the newspapers present the news of putting the nose alive?

Answer- All the newspapers published only this news that George V’s nose has been put alive. That is, a nose that does not look like a stone at all. Apart from this there was no other news in the newspapers. All the newspapers were empty.

Question 10- “New Delhi had all …… just no nose”. What does the author want to say through this statement?

Answer- “New Delhi mein sab tha…… just no nose”. Through this statement, the author alludes to the tendency to wish for the bureaucrats sitting in Delhi. These people were so insincere that they did not care about their nose i.e. honor.

Question 11 – Why were the newspapers silent on the day the news of George V’s nose hit?

Answer- On the day of George V’s nose piercing, the newspapers were silent because a fetish had to be nosed, and the government machinery put an innocent person’s nose alive to save their nose. I was expressing my protest by keeping quiet.

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