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Online input device

Online input device is used in real-time processing. In real-time processing, the input data is processed immediately. And the result is instantaneous to the user. ) is provided, although this type of input device can be used by only one user at this time. The input device of this device is as follows-

online input tool
  1. dumb terminal ,dumb terminal) : This device is not capable of storing any kind of information and can not perform the processing work, it is connected to the main computer which is called server. Whatever information it needs, it can be passed through the server. Shows as output.
  2. intelligent terminal ,Intelligent terminal) : Your system has the ability to process the data, they have better working speed.
  3. touch tone terminal ,Touch Tone Terminal) : Through this device the user can communicate with the system by touching the screen monitor, in which there are single options available on the screen, which the user can choose by touching, this type of device can be used in ATM machine railway stations in many inquiries. Huh.
  4. mouse , mouse): The mouth is a pine ting instrument and it is used a lot in the GUI.
  5. keyboard , Keyboard): It is an important device of input which is similar to a typewriter, any data or instructions are given to the computer by this, it is connected to the keyboard port of the mother board in the CPU by the star, on which letters, numbers and symbols are written. Those are called keys. By pressing or typing these keys, the number in the computer is reached.

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