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Pratishat Nikalna (Practice) | Best Tricks

Word “PratishatThe Latin word was derived from “per centum”, which means “up to a hundred”.

Pratishat, they are different, having 100 as the denominator. In other words, it is the relation between the part and the whole where the value of the whole is always taken as 100. Percentages are used like fractions and decimals.

Pratishat Nikalna (Practice)

Friends, when you are using Pratishat, the whole is considered to be made up of 100 equal parts. A percentage is a fraction whose lower part or denominator is 100.

Pratishat Nikalna

If we say 60%, it means that 60/100 = 3/5

Let’s say you have any number Pratishat Nikalna Then you have to divide by the main number and multiply by 100. Then the percentage of that number will come out.

Example- The number 20 is what percent of the number 100.

solution – Main Number – 100

In this, you have to divide the number 20 by the main number. On multiplying the obtained quotient by 100, Pratishat will come out.

Pratishat – 20/100 × 100 = 1/5 × 100

Percentage = 20%

In this example the number 20 is 20% of the number 100.

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Pratishat Nikalne ke Formula

Friends, its formulas and examples are given below, which are as follows-

1.Percentage Change Formula

% Change = New Price - Base Price × 100 / Original Price
  • Base Price / Original Price – This is the price, which is the fixed price of an item; For example, an item was being sold for Rs.10, now its price has become Rs.12. Then the Base Price / Original Price in it is Rs.10.
  • New Price – This is the price, which is increased. As mentioned above. According to the above example, Rs 12 is the new price.

Example- As the price of Sweets increases from Rs.50 to Rs.70 in the market, then what is the percentage increase in the price of Sweets?

solution– Pratishat Change = 70 – 50 × 100/50
Percentage Change = 40%

2.Percentage Original Value Formula

Original Price = New Price × 100/100 + Pratishat Change

Example – Anuj buys a bike and sells it for Rs 27,000 and makes a profit of 35%. Find the original price of Anuj’s bike.

solution– Original Price = 27,00 × 100/100 + 35
Original price = 2,000

3.Percentage Error Formula

प्रतिशत त्रुटि = त्रुटि × 100/वास्तविक कीमत

Example- Ram has measured the length of his book as 20 cm. If the length of the book is exactly 17.6 cm, then what is the percentage error in the calculation of Ram?

solution – The error occurred in measuring the book by Ram = 20 – 17.6
Error = 2.4 cm

Percentage error = 2.4 × 100/17.6 = 13.64%

4.Percentage increase and interest formula

नया मान = 100 + प्रतिशत वृद्धि × मूल मूल्य/100

Example – You or I have deposited Rs.1,000 in a bank, which gives 5% interest per annum, then how much did our rupee increase?

New value = 100 + 5 × 1000/100
New value = Rs.150

5.Percentage As Fraction and Decimal)

A Pratishat is the 100th part of a whole number, so it can be written as both a decimal and a fraction.

Friends, when you want to write the decimal as a percentage, then you divide the percentage number by 100.

Example- Take 20% in decimal.

solution – According to Trick, on dividing 20% ​​by 100, 20/100 = 0.2

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