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Precautions in Arc Welding

Friends, I have told about arc welding precautions etc. in this post, if you want to get information then read the post completely.

Precautions in Arc Welding

The following points should be remembered when welding it. Which are as follows-

Precautions of arc welding
  • First of all Welding Machine Transformer oil and all wires should be checked before starting or turning on the electrical switch.
  • The cable of the transformer used in welding should not be cut.
  • Long leads should not be used in transformers used in welding.
  • The oil level of the transformer should be checked from time to time.
  • of the proper type before starting welding electrode should choose.
  • before starting welding proper clothing and gloves should be used.
  • by welding spark eyes to save hand screen and helmet should be used.
  • Oil or grease on the workshop floor should be cleaned before welding.
  • If welding of a small job is to be done while welding, then the small job should not be held by hand.
  • while welding syndacy to small jobs Should be caught.
  • gap between the metal to be welded and the electrode or distance 3 mm should not be more than
  • The joint should not be touched after a few seconds of welding. Because welding heats up the joint.
  • The electrical switch should be turned off after the welding is done.

Friends, if you have to take precautions in arc welding Post If you like it then tell me by commenting.

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