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re-filling the bearing

Friends, in this post I have told about re-filling of bearings, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

Bearing ki Refilling

When a bearing wears out, re-filling is done to make the bearing workable. The following procedures are done for re-filling of bearings, which are described below as follows-

Bearing ki Refilling

1. Cleaning Old Linings

It is first processed in the bearing, in this process the old lining of white metal or babbit metal is cleaned. To do this, the bearing is first heated, then cleaned with a fine cloth.

2. Cleaning Grease

After cleaning the lining in the bearing, it is processed to remove the grease. For this, the bearing is boiled in a solution of caustic soda. Then after that the bearing is washed with clean water.


This process is done to roughen the surface of the bearing. On the surface of the bearing to process the pickling 15% sulfuric acid solution 4 to 5 minutes applied up to. After this, the bearing is cleaned with a good cloth and then washed with clean water.


The tinting process must be done after pickling. The process by which a coating of tin is applied to the surface of the job is called Tinning it is said. As a result of its process or process, the metal sticks well to the surface.

5.Metal Melting

Under this process the metal to be filled in the bearing is heated to a temperature of 50°C above melting point is done.

6.Clamping or setting

In this process, molten metal is poured into the bearing. A core block should be placed in the center of the bearing while doing this process. The size of the core block is kept less than the size of the shaft.

7.Metal Filling

After the setting process, the metal filling process is done. Under this process, after melting the metal, it is filled in the bearing. Before filling the metal in the bearing, the moisture in the bearing should be slightly heated to remove it.

8.Machining & Scraping

After filling the metal in the bearing, the scraping or machining process is done in the bore of the bearing. This has to be done because when the setting process is done, the size of the core block in it is slightly less. Therefore, the size of the bore of the bearing is obtained by machining and scraping process according to the required fitting.

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