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safety signs

Safety signs are signs designed to warn of hazards, indicate mandatory actions or the correct use of personal protective equipment, restrict actions or objects, identify the location of firefighting or safety equipment. or mark emergency routes.

Safety signs and symbols are important safety communication tools, helping to indicate various hazards present in the workplace. And by providing workers with information and safety instructions, a lot can be done to reduce the risk.

safety signs

Many signs are used for safety in the workshop, which are as follows-

1) Prohibitive Signs
  1. Prohibitive Signs
    • Signs indicate a prohibition for wrong actions.
    • Their shape is circular. (iii) These signs have a border and a red cross.
    • Their background is completely white and the symbol is made with black color in the middle.
    • Examples of prohibitory signs are as follows – do not smoke, do not light a fire, do not extinguish a burning fire with water, etc.
  2. Mandatory Signs
    • These symbols are ordered before and after work.
    • Their shape is circular.
    • Their background is completely blue, on which a white color symbol is printed on it.
    • These signs urge to wear gloves, hats, glasses, shoes, masks, etc.
  3. Informative Signs
    • Security information is given through these symbols.
    • Their shape is square.
    • Their background is green and the symbol is white.
    • Example – First aid team, drinking water, male and female toiletries.
  4. Warning Signs
    • Through these signs, the warning of the coming danger is given such as electric shock, fear of fire etc.
    • Their shape is a triangle.
    • The background of these symbols is of yellow color and the symbol and border are of black color.
2) Mandatory Signs
3) Informative Signs
4) Warning Signs
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In electrically powered workshops and overhead lines The electrician working on it mainly takes care of the safety equipment. Various types of signs are often used in power generation centers, workshops, commercial establishments, hospitals, transport departments, railways, roads. are displayed on the board. They are recognized by their special texture, color and shape. Through them, necessary information is obtained by using the possibility of danger, advice on prevention and precautions.

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