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Surdas – Introduction of Surdas

Surdas is believed to have been born in the year 1478. According to one belief, he was born in Runkata or Renuka area near Mathura. While according to another belief, his place of birth is believed to be near Delhi. Surdas, a disciple of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, is the most famous of the poets of Ashtachap. He lived at Gaughat between Mathura and Vrindavan. And used to do bhajan-kirtan in Shrinathji’s temple. He died in Parsoli in 1583.

Sursagar became the most popular of his three texts, Sursagar Sahitya Lahiri and Sur Saravali. The daily picture of the Indian society of farming and animal husbandry and depiction of the natural finances of man is found in Sur’s poem. Sur is considered to be the best poet of Vatsalya and Shringar. The love of Krishna and the gopis establishes an innate human love. Sur freed ordinary human beings from inferiority complex through the saga of human love. Instilled in them the will to live.

Surdas – Introduction of Surdas

There is a flourishing form of Brajbhasha in her poetry. She is the best link in the tradition of folk songs. Here 4 verses have been taken from the Bhram Geet of Sursagar. Krishna did not return himself after going to Mathura and sent a message to the gopis through Uddhava. The gopis preferred the path of love rather than the path of knowledge. Because of this, they did not like Uddhav’s message of happiness. Then there came a whirlwind, from where the song of Bhramar started.

In the first verse, the Gopis left sarcastic arrows at Uddhava, it seems justified that if Uddhav had been tied by the thread of the poet Sneha, he would have felt the pain of separation. The desire remained in his mind.

Expresses the depth of her love for Krishna. In the third stanza she expresses her belief in a certain love by describing Uddhav’s yoga practice as a bitter cucumber. In the fourth stanza she taunts Uddhava. That Krishna has now studied politics has taken.

In the end, Uddhav being reminded of Rajdharma (interest of the subjects) by the gopis shows the folk righteousness of Surdas.

When was Surdas born?

When did Surdas die?

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