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12 khadi Hindi to English

Table of ContentsWhat is twelfth? Table of ContentsVowel and Consonant Table-12 khadi hindi to english – way to memorize twelve khadi-12 khadi Hindi to English Chart- 12 khadi […]

what is iti course? iti full form in hindi

introduction :- ITI (Industrial Training Institute) is formed under DGET (Directorate General Employment & Training), Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and Central Govt. to provide training in […]

essay on information technology in hindi

Science and Information Technology (Introduction)- The present era is also known as ‘The Age of Information Technology’. Today, information technology has special importance in terms of business and […]

essay on yoga and health in hindi

Meaning of yoga The word Yogasan is derived from the words ‘yoga’ and ‘asana’. ‘Power and Status’ It is called yogasana. Maharishi Patanjali has ‘TotalGiving the definition of […]