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What is a physical quantity?

Branches of Physics- physics Of branches There are subjects to be studied in the realm of physics. Subject Physics can be defined as the branch of science that […]

What is a physical quantity?

physical quantities Every day we measure and analysis deal with. When we go out to buy fruits or vegetables, we measure the quantity of things we want to […]

What is physical chemistry?

physical chemistry The branch of chemistry that is devoted to the study of the behavior of matter at the atomic or molecular level. It also includes the study […]

Physical properties of diamond?

About diamonds Diamond It is a transparent gemstone. It is the chemically purest form of carbon. Each carbon atom in a diamond is held together by covalent bonds […]

Physical form of India-

physical aspect Panchkula District A Sub tropical It is a continent with a monsoon climate with a wide range of seasons, hot in summer, cold in winter, good […]