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What are biotic and abiotic resources?

biological resources All the things present in our environment in which there is life are called biological resources. We get biological resources from the biosphere. Example- All animals […]

natural resources-

1-What are natural resources? Those resources which we get free from nature are called natural resources. 2-types of natural resources Although the characteristics and uses of each natural […]

management of natural resources

1-Natural Resources The origin and creation of all beings in the physical world Mahabhutas Astikshiti is derived from Jal, Pavak, Gagan, Sameer. These Panch Mahabhutas can also be […]

Mineral and Energy Resources

Minerals: the substance Natural Available in form, and which have a definite internal structure, it is called a mineral. 1-Types of Minerals There are three types of minerals; […]

Forest and Wildlife Resources

1-Flora and Fauna of India India in terms of biodiversity Well-to-do country is. There are about 1.6 million species in the world. About 8% of these species are […]

water resources

1-Water War?? “Water, water everywhere and drinking Not a drop for 3/4 the world is water – water is renewable Why Global Water Scarcity? (by 2025 – 2 […]

resources and development

1-Development of resources assuming that the resource Natural They have been used indiscriminately, due to which the following problems have arisen in the society: (i) Depletion of resources […]