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Trade Introduction & Training

Friends, in this post you have been told about trade introduction and training, that when you have to write this practical, then you will write in this way.

Trade Introduction & Training

To write this practical you must first purpose Heading is written, about which you will know in detail.

Trade Introduction and Training


fitter Knowledge of trade and training acquire.


The only technician to fit any machine fitter called and the place where fitting is done, he workshop it is said. The trade in which the act of fitting is performed is fitter trade It is called Under this trade, there is a prescribed process of training the trainee, under which the trainee is trained by reconciling the curricular and practical activities.

3.Essential Material/ Apparatus

Earning Trade Introduction does not require any such material but sufficient curiosity is required, along with the relevant manual.

4.Safety Precautions

  1. To join the trade, first of all you should prepare yourself mentally.
  2. Never go barefoot in the workshop otherwise the feet may get metal chips.
  3. Wearing loose clothing as far as possible in the workshop is less prone to accidents.
  4. Never touch moving machine parts.
  5. Try to identify the workshop related tools.
  6. Be sure to check the manual for the workshop.
  7. Use safety equipment according to the activity in the related activities.

5.Working Method

  1. First of all ‘fitterLet’s try to know the basic workings of trade.
  2. They are aware of the future expansion of the trade and its usefulness in the career.
  3. Lets go through the trade manual thoroughly, which will be helpful during further work in the workshop.
  4. After getting acquainted with the trade, take cognizance of the instructions of the instructor in proper perspective.
  5. While explaining the mechanics by the instructor, do not be careless in any way.
  6. Check carefully that machined parts are fitted in machine fittings.
  7. In bench fitting, workpieces are prepared for fitting.
  8. in pipe fittings Pipe, Elbow, ‘T’ Union etc. are fitted as pipelines.
  9. under this trade Iron House, Metal-Sheet, Welding and Turning work is done.
  10. Get to know the trade introduction and get training through an experiment.


successfully fitter trade The original introduction of.

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