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Turbine kise kahate hain? Turbine ke Prakar

Friends, when you must have heard the name of Turbine. Then many questions must have arisen in your mind that what is a turbine. Types of turbine, diagram of turbine, invention of turbine and uses of turbine etc.

What is a Turbine?

“Turbine is a mechanical device that can convert Pressure Energy into Rotational Energy.”

In other words – It is a mechanical device by which the kinetic energy of a flowing fluid, steam, gas and air is converted into rotational energy. Mechanical Work is obtained.

A turbine is a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work. The work produced by a turbine when combined with a generator can be used to generate electrical power.

picture of turbine


invention of turbine

  • Steam Turbine was invented in 1884 Charles Parsons was did. Whose first model was connected to a dynamo. This 7.5 KW generated electricity.
  • Wind Turbine Invented in 1888 in Ohio Charles F. Brush in Cleveland was did. This 12 KW generated electricity.

type of turbine

It is mainly of five types, which are as follows-

1.Impulse And Reaction Turbine

It is a type of turbine, in which the working process of Impulse Turbine is somewhat different from the working process of Reaction Turbine.

(i) Impulse Turbine

In this turbine, the pressure energy of the fluid is converted into kinetic energy and through the nozzle, the high pressure liquid or fluid is impacted on the impeller or runner shown in the images. Is.

The liquid coming out of the nozzle in the form of a jet collides with the venus and provides energy to the rotor and the effect of the jet moves the venus forward. After this, the second venus comes at this place. In this way the runner starts spinning at a higher speed.

(ii) Reaction Turbine

Rotating Speed ​​and Torque generate Fluid in this turbine Pressure is done from. In this, the impeller or runner are in the close case. In this, the liquid or fluid flows through the casing on the runner venus.

This allows the rotating speed to be transmitted to the output shaft and thus works in contrast to the Turbine Centrifugal Pump. Reaction Turbine works on Newton’s third law.

2.Steam Turbine

It is a mechanical device by which the pressure energy of steam is converted into mechanical energy or rotational speed.

In which highly pressurized steam is extracted with a nozzle. In front of which a wheel, on which moving blades are mounted. The more pressurized steam collides with the blades that are attached to it, causing the wheel to spin.

The speed of the steam turbine from this kinetic energy is approximately 1200 to 4,000 RPM till it goes. electricity generated at this speed 0.5 KW to 500 MKW Happens till then.

3.Gas Turbine

It is a heat engine, which works like a steam turbine. In this also, just as pressurized steam or air strikes the moving blades in a steam engine, in a gas turbine, instead of pressurized steam on the moving blades, the hot gas produced by fuel combustion collides.

Therefore, due to the gas in it, the wheel starts rotating at a higher speed and whose speed 4,000 RPM Might be possible. gas turbine generated electricity 30,000 KW can happen till The working and design of this turbine is simple.

4.Water Turbine

This turbine has been used in our country ‘India’ since ancient times. In this, water is dropped on the blades mounted on the wheel to make the wheel spin at a higher speed. Due to which the wheel starts rotating.

It is still used today in mountainous regions. Apart from this, it was used to run flour mills.

Nowadays water turbines are used to generate electricity. This is the easiest, cheapest and most widely used means of generating electricity in today’s time.

5.Wind Turbine

The wind turbine is the simplest specimen of a turbine, called a windmill. You must have heard the name of windmill. In this, the direct atmosphere rotates the wind turbine.

These turbines are located in such a place where the wind is always moving. Due to this wind, the turbine spins at a higher speed and generates electricity.

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