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Types of Power Saws

Types Of power saw in hindi

On the basis of the make of the blade it is of four types (types of power saw in hindi):-

Types of Power Saws

(1.)Reciprocating Power Saw

This power saw works like a hacksaw. But it operates on two mechanisms-

  1. mechanical
  2. hydraulic

By the way, in most power saws, both mechanisms are used in combination.
moving the blade up and down hydraulic mechanism (hydraulic mechanism) Is used for.
To provide reciprocating motion to the blade Mechanical mechanism Is used for.
The blade used on the power saw is thicker, wider and longer than the hacksaw blade. To adjust the pressure on the blade more or less, there is an adjustable weight behind it. Sometimes hydraulic pressure is also used on it. The blade is raised in the back stroke by hydraulic pressure. This increases the life of the blade. (Types of Power Saw)

(2.)Band Power Saw

This power saw consists of two pulleys, on which a flexible blade acts as a band. This band moves in the same direction and cuts.
Its blade is in the form of a band, it is not very hard, so it is not used for hard metals. In this, a vice is attached to hold the job. And it is similar to the horizontal saw machine for cutting wood.

(3.)Circular Power Saw

The cutting blade in this power saw is in the shape of a thin high speed steel circular plate with serrated cuts along its circumference. A sliding vice is used to hold the job. In this vice, pressure is applied against the rotating circular saw by clamping the job. This leads to the cutting operation.

(4.)Profile Power Saw

This power saw is also similar to a band power saw. Its blade is thinner and less broad. Due to this, it can be driven in any direction while cutting. Its table or platform can also be tilted. Due to its high flexibility, it is used for cutting any profile. For cutting the internal profile, a hole is first made by the drill and the cutting is done by passing the blade of the band saw through that hole.
Profile power saw is also known as contour saw. A metal band (bent) saw blade is attached to it and it shears in a continuous form. in this power saw different speeds To achieve this, a variable speed pulley is attached. This machine is used for cutting metal into profiles of different lines.


  1. The power saw should be turned off when taking measurements on the job. Measuring work should not be done in the moving state.
  2. The selection of blades for cutting work should be done carefully.
  3. The tall log should be supported from behind. For this a screw jack or a job support should be used.
  4. Do not apply excessive pressure to the blade and always use coolant when cutting.
  5. A stopper or stop gauge should be used to cut pieces of the same length.
  6. When the job is short, a spacer should be used.

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