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Under what circumstances did the French Revolution begin?

French Revolution

The French Revolution took place on May 5, 1789, which soon took a horrific form. A democratic system was established in Andhra France by ending the autocratic monarchy. Following were the main reasons for this revolution.

Under what circumstances did the revolution start in France?

1. Political reasons-

The rulers of France were autocratic and autocratic. They believed in the principle of divine rights of the king. Therefore, without worrying about the welfare of the people, they used to work according to their wishes. He kept on levying new taxes on the people. and arbitrarily spent the money collected in the form of tax on luxuries. There was not even a uniform law and order system for the entire country. Thus the people of France were very much stunned by the autocracy of the rulers.

2. Social causes-

There was great social equality in France before the revolution. The life of the priests and the nobility was very luxurious and they were privileged. On the contrary, the life of farmers and laborers was hellish. V was grinding under the banquet of various types of taxes and forced labor. There was no respect for the intelligentsia in the society i.e. lawyer, Dr. Teacher etc. Therefore, the middle class rich and educated people of France always hated the people of the elite class and the high officials of the church. Therefore, as soon as the revolution started, the whole of the third class people fully supported them.

3. Influence of Philosophers and Writers’ Thoughts

France-like condition was in almost all the countries of Europe. The first revolution took place in France as a result of the French philosophy and the revolutionary ideas of the writers. In the thoughts of French writers and philosophers, the spirit of revolution against the state was planted. Among them, Mantisque, Voltaire, rebellion among men, etc. Philosophy played an important role in giving birth to the French Revolution.

4. Economic reasons-

His economic condition had become very pathetic due to the participation of France in many wars. Due to the opulence of the royal court and the busyness of high-ranking people, many types of taxes were imposed on the common people and their collection was done mercilessly. The branch was able to bear the burden of the upper class and clergy taxes, but they were kept free from taxes. Thus the miserable economic condition also became a major reason for the French Revolution.

5. Immediate reasons-

The immediate cause of the French Revolution was the convening of the States General’s session. Louis 16, in consultation with the finance minister’s loan, decided to impose new taxes on the public to improve the country’s economic condition, as this institution could not only pass tax resolutions. The date for the session of the Status Journal was fixed on 4 May 1789 AD. But in France, the gunpowder of the revolution was ready. So he worked as a spark in the session of the Status General and on 5 May 1789 AD, the revolution exploded.

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