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What are analog measuring instruments? (What is Analog measuring Insutruments)

Hello friends in this article we will know that analog measurement device What are (Analog Measuring Insutruments)? And how many types are there? And learn about many facts related to it.

Analog measuring Insutruments

There is a stable relationship between output and input of analog devices. They are used in almost all electrical measurements. Although digital measuring instruments are now being used, digital measuring instruments cannot completely replace analog measurement.

analog measuring instrument

Classification of Analog Measuring Insutruments

These instruments can be classified on the basis of the quantity they measure such as ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter etc.

Apart from this, on the basis of current, you can classify the instruments. like-

  1. DC.
  2. AC
  3. AC/DC measuring instrument.

In another method, the classification of instruments can also be done as follows –

Primary Analog Measuring Insutruments

The value of the quantities to be measured in these instruments is proportional to the angle of deflection and any constant of the instrument. For example Tangent Galvanometer.

Secondary Analog Measuring Insutruments

The reading of these instruments directly expresses the amount to be measured. These instruments need to be calibrated before they are used.

Secondary measuring instruments can be further classified as follows –

Indicating Measuring Instrument –

Dial and pointer are often used in these devices. Their reading represents the result of the amount to be measured. Common voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, etc. come in this category. Indicating measuring instruments are again divided into two parts –

  1. electro mechanical
  2. electronic equipment

Recording Instruments –

These instruments provide a record of the amount to be forgiven over a specified period of time. In these instruments, paper or graph paper and pen are arranged on a rotating drum to note the changes of the amount to be measured. For example, recording voltmeter, which records the change in supply voltage in a whole day.

Integrating Type Measuring Instrument –

The sum of the amount to be measured in a specified time is displayed by these instruments. This sum is usually equal to the product of electric quantity and time. For example, ampere hour meter, energy meter (kWmeter) etc.

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