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What are lead acid cells? , Lead acid cell what hot hai?

Hello friends, in this article we will know what are lead acid cells? What is this type of structure like? And learn about their working method and learn about many facts related to it.

Lead Acid Cell | lead acid cell

The cheapest secondary cell is the lead acid cell and is widely used for commercial purposes. Lead acid batteries are used in cars.

Structure of lead acid cell | Construction of lead acid cell

Figure 10.3 shows a simplified diagram of a lead-acid cell. When a lead-acid cell is ready for use, it consists of two plates that hold dilute sulfuric acid (H) of specific gravity.2SO4) has about 1.28 submerged. Positive plate (anode) lead per-oxide (PbO)2), which is chocolate brown in color and the negative plate is lead (Pb) which is gray in colour. The electrolyte is thin. The emf potential of this cell is about 2.1 V.

lead acid cell

To increase the cell potential, we use a multiplet construction instead of using two plates. Alternate positive and negative plates of the cell with insulators (the separator is called) is sandwiched together. The negative plates are joined together as are the positive plates. A commercial lead-acid cell always has an odd number of plates such as 11, 13, 15 or 17. The number of negative plates is always one more than the number of positive plates, the outside plate being negative.

How does a lead acid cell work? , What is the working of lead acid cell?

  • When the cell supplies current to a load (i.e., discharging), the chemical reaction that occurs is the formation of water in the electrolyte with lead sulfate (PbSO) on both plates.4) manufactures. After removing a certain amount of energy from the cell, both sets of plates are made of the same material (i.e., PbSO).4) and the electrolyte (H2So4) decreases (about 1.18). The cell is then said to be discharged and needs to be recharged.
  • To recharge the cell, alternating current through the cell stream is sent in the reverse direction in which the cell provides the current. This reverses the chemical process and regenerates lead peroxide (PbO).2) forms positive plates and pure lead (Pb) forms negative plates. At the same time, H2SO4 Formed at the expense of water, electrolyte (H2SO4The root value of the specific gravity of ) is (1.28).

What is the internal resistance of a lead-acid cell? , What is the internal resistance of lead acid cell?

The opposition offered to the electric current within the cell is called the internal resistance of the cell. It is composed of resistors of plates, active material and electrolyte. The internal resistance of a lead-acid cell is very small (typical value is 0-01 2) and depends on the following factors:

  • Area of ​​plates- decreases with increase in plate area.
  • The distance between the plates decreases with a decrease in the spacing.
  • H2SO4 Specific gravity of – sp decreases with increase in gravity.

The internal resistance of the lead-acid cell must be minimal to minimize internal degradation. This is achieved by using multiplet construction in a single cell. As mentioned earlier, the negative plates of the cell are interconnected like the positive plates. The effect of this arrangement is as if we have connected many cells in parallel. At the same time, the length of the electrolyte between the plates is reduced. The result is that the internal resistance of the cell decreases.


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