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What are the disadvantages of computer?

Computer has the following disadvantages.

1.Education(in education)-Computer has a great contribution in education, students are being given knowledge of computer from small classes in schools. Students of big classes can use computer on various subjects and can get solution of their problems from computer.

2.In business-Computer is being used in business in abundance. Record of raw material of customers’ leaves, information of staff, salary billari of employees, work can be done with computer. With this, information about profit and loss in business, information about the record of the store is also obtained quickly.

3.In medical-Today microtherapy is not possible without computer because all the tests are done by computer whether it is a pathology examination or or research related to biology is computer dependent.

4.In entertainment-Computer can be used a lot in the field of entertainment Various social networking sites are used for entertainment on computer. Editing is done by computer and in music it is used for recording and preparing melodies.

5.In research work-Development of Aircraft Designing of Computers Development of Missiles Weather Forecasting is being done today.

6.In astrology-Computer is very helpful in astrology calculations. The calculations which are required for astrology are done by computer in few moments like matching of couples, making horoscope etc.

7.In the Internet (in internet)-Computers are also currently used in communication systems. Information related to any subject can be searched using the Internet. Letters can be sent from one computer to any other computer in the world through email. Computer Web By creating pages and providing various information in them, they are disseminated through the Internet.

8.In banks(in banks-All the financial transactions happening in the banks are calculated by the computer, the calculation of its interest, etc. All the financial records of the bank are kept safe in the memory unit of the computer.

9.In travelingNowadays, computers are used in abundance in airlines, roadways and railways. I am being done. Passengers can take their tickets from any station to any station. Train related information is available online.

10.In offices-Nowadays office is becoming government, non-government computer has become necessary for all because with the use of computer any document is prepared immediately, once the document is ready, it is saved, it is retyped whenever needed. There is no need to do the document error-free and beautiful can also be made, the work of salary bill trender, table printing and etc. are done, which also saves time.

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