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What are the harmful effects of electricity? , Harmful effects of Lightning kya hai?

Hello friends, in this article we will know what are the harmful effects of lightning? How is the protection against lightning done? And learn about many facts related to it.

Harmful effect of Lightning

Harmful Effects of Electricity | Harmful effects of Lightning

A direct or indirect lightning stroke on a transmission line produces a vertically-front voltage waveform on the line. The voltage of this wave can increase from zero to peak value (perhaps 2000 kV) in about 1 uS and to about half of the peak value in Sus. Such a vertically-facing voltage wave depends on the velocity of the waves traveling along the line in both directions. Line’s L and C Parameters :-

  • traveling waves caused by electric waves insulator will shatter and even break the pillars.
  • If the traveling waves caused by lightning strike the windings of a transformer or generator, it can cause considerable damage. The inductance of the winding opposes the passage of any sudden electric charge through it. Therefore, the electrical charge “piles up” against the transformer (or generator). This generates so much pressure between the windings that the insulation may break, resulting in the production of an arc. While the normal voltage between the turns is not sufficient to start an arc, once the insulation is broken and an arc is started by a momentary overvoltage, the line voltage is usually long enough to seriously damage the machine. Enough to last for a long time.
  • If an arc is triggered by an electric shock in any part of the power system, it will set up very disturbing oscillations in the line. This may damage other equipment connected to the line.

lightning protection | Protection against Lightning

Protection against transient or surge can occur due to switching and other reasons but the most important and dangerous surges are caused by lightning. Electric waves are expensive equipment in the power system (such as generators, Transformer etc.) either by direct strokes on the equipment or by strokes on transmission lines that reach the equipment in the form of traveling waves. It is necessary to provide protection against both types of surge.

The most commonly used tools for lightning surge protection are:

  • earthing screen
  • overhead ground wire
  • lightning arrester or surge

Diverter earthing screens provide protection against direct stroke to power stations and sub-stations while overhead ground wires provide protection. transmission lines against direct electric shock. However, lightning arresters or surge diverter stations protect the equipment from both a straight stroke and a stroke coming into the equipment in the form of traveling waves.


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