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What are the merits and demerits of bureaucracy?

Characteristics of bureaucracy-

1. Efficiency- This method Its main quality is that it provides efficiency to the administration.

2. Administrative unity- This method has proved particularly useful in strengthening administrative unity.

3. Away from political and personal influences- In this system, the officers and employees perform their duty by staying away from political and personal influences.

4. Compliance of law- One of the main features of this system is that the officers and employees strictly follow the laws. So no one is being discriminated against.

Defects of Bureaucracy-

1. Stereotypes- In this system, the employees usually remain the mystics of the line. become so many devotees of regulation. Let’s treat each and every situation with a foresightedness, without treating everyone the same.

2. Feeling of ego- One downside of the bureaucratic system is that in this system the administrative staff unintentionally start feeling proud. They consider themselves defamation in establishing contact with the public.

3. Emphasis on departmental importance- In this system each department wants to make itself self-reliant. This encourages the tendency to break the functions of the government into several separate and independent sections.

4. Literally following formalities and procedures- In this system the officers and employees follow the rules and procedures to the letter. The means of doing their work are mechanical and formal.

Remedies to remove defects-

1. Control of Parliament- The employees of the civil service should be under the control of Parliament and the Council of Ministers. In this way the principle of administrative responsibility should be practiced.

2. Appointment of eligible ministers- Controlling the bureaucracy is the answer responsibility of the ministers. Therefore, qualified ministers should be appointed so that they can control them.

3. Reduction in the amount of delegated method making- To reduce bureaucratic autocracy, it is necessary to limit delegated law making.

4. Decentralization of Power- Decentralization of power is the soul of democracy. This will automatically create a hindrance to the growing power of the bureaucracy. There will be many other benefits of this process.

1. State 1 merit of bureaucracy.

work efficiency- The main quality of this method is that it provides efficiency to the administration.

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