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What are the properties of transistor?

Hello friends, my name is Bhupendra and in today’s article we will tell you the properties of transistors, we will give you complete information about it, so you read our article completely.

What is Transistor?

Transistor A Semiconductor Device Which is useful for Amplifying or Switching any Electronic Signals. It is made of semiconductor material, mostly silicon and germanium are used to make it. It has 3 terminals. Which are used to connect it to another circuit. These terminals are called Base, Collector and Emitter.

what are the properties of transistor

At present, transistors are being used in place of vacuum tubes because the following properties are found in transistors as compared to vacuum tubes-

properties of transistors

  1. No heater or filament is required in a transistor.
  2. Transistor can be used at low voltage.
  3. Transistors are very small in size and light in weight.
  4. The circuit efficiency of transistor is high.
  5. Transistors are shock proof due to their small size.
  6. If the working voltage of the transistor does not exceed the prescribed limit, the transistor can function for a very long time.

1. What is a transistor?

Transistor is a semiconductor device that is used to amplify or switch any electronic signal. It is made of semiconductor material

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