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What are the sources of electrical energy generation?

Electrical energy is often generated in a power plant by an electric generator, which is mainly combustion or nuclear fission fueled by heat engines but also by other means such as the kinetic energy of running water and wind. in other energy sources Solar Photovoltaic and Geothermal Energy Are included.

What are the sources of electrical energy generation?

Friends, nowadays electric energy ie electricity has become an important part of our life. If I want to charge the smartphone then we need electrical energy.

electrical energy

similar electronic and electrical The electricity is also yours to run the equipment. This energy is produced in many ways. Which is mentioned below, which are as follows-

1.Diesel Engine

Electric energy is also produced with the help of this engine. This Engine Diesel is put in and driven. its use wedding, party etc. is done in case of emergency.

2. by steam

First of all, fuel (eg- coal) heat is generated by burning. After this water is converted into vapor with the help of this heat. With the help of this water vapor Turbine is rotated, through which electricity is produced by driving the alternator.

3.wind power

In this method electricity is produced from windmills. For this Wind mill It is applied at such a place, where the wind or wind is blowing at a high velocity. The high velocity wind spins the windmill and electricity is generated.

4.Solar Energy

This energy is an infinite energy, which has no limits. We can use this energy for many things.

Friends, in today’s time most of the people solar panels Have started using We convert solar energy into electrical energy with the help of solar panels and use electrical energy in our daily life. Kindle Light, Play TV, Charge Smartphone Doing things like doing etc.

5.Nuclear Energy

friends, in nuclear fission Electricity is produced by using the energy generated by it.


1. How is electrical energy made?

the way electrical energy is created, power station it is said. Mechanical devices are used in the power house to produce it and energy is required to run these machines. That energy is generated through the heading above.

2. What is the primary source of energy?

primary source of energy Sun Is.

3. Which is the best source of electricity?

best source of electricity hydropower Is?

4. What do you understand by hydropower?

electricity generated by the kinetic energy of flowing or falling water, hydropower it is said.

5.Which is the largest source of electricity in India?

Largest source of electricity in India thermal power Is.

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