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What are the types of lapping tools?

Friends, through today’s post, you will be given information about the type of lapping tool. What type of tool will be used for lapping, at which place it will be easy. In addition, at what place lapping tool should be used. You must have heard the name of lapping. If you are hearing its name for the first time then you will not have any idea about lapping and lapping tool. Here we briefly discuss about lapping.

Lapping Tool

Lapping is the name of a finishing process. A very small amount of metal is sheared by this process. This gives a good finish on the metal or job. This process is used on those jobs. On which grinding has been done or other similar processes are also done. Preliminary job through lapping grinding The finished surface is made to be finished and to the exact size.

Types of Lapping Tool | Lapping Tool ke Prakar

This tool is classified into two types, which are as follows-

  1. depending on the size of the lap
  2. on the basis of lapping process

depending on the size of the lap

These tools are made of different sizes or shapes depending on the task. These are of four types, which are as follows-

  1. flat lap- its type of lap use Flat Surface / Flat Surface Of lapping is done in doing. This Gray cast iron are made of.
  2. Cylindrical Lap- use of this type of lap Ring gauges and internal holes is done in lapping. This cylinder or cylinder are made of shape. Screws are also fitted at its ends. It also has three or four slots cut into it. The laps expand when the screw on the ends is tightened.
  3. ring lap- The shape of this type of lap is similar to that of a die handle. its handle Iron is made of. The handle consists of a bush of lapping material and an adjusting screw. These screws can be used to increase or decrease the lap.
  4. Floated or spring loaded laps – These are used for larger diameter cylinder or gauges is used for lapping.

on the basis of lapping process

On the basis of this, it is of two types, which are as follows-

  1. internal lapping tool use this inner cylindrical surface or hole is done in lapping. this type of tool adjustable or solid are of types. small size internal lap brass and Copper and larger Cast Iron are made of. sleeve of these tools copper Made of, which can be easily replaced. It has grooves or grooves cut on its outer surface to accommodate the abrasive compound and splits are used to increase the size. While lapping with this tool, care should be taken that the lap tool does not come out of the hole and it should always be turned in a clockwise direction.
  2. External lapping tool- use this external surface is done in lapping. It is of many types; like- Flat Lap, Spring Loaded Lap and Ring Lap, The body of the adjustable ring lap has a notch, due to which its size can be adjusted. Ring lapping can also be done by hand. In this, lapping is done by holding the job in the vice, while the ring takes the lapping process. Lathe Machine But the job is also done by tying it. For this, the lap should be run in circular motion and back and forth. When lapping large diameter jobs, a special type of tool is used, the body of that tool is made of wood. This lapping Feed the compound and adjust its size. a few ring laps interchangeable There are bush ones too.

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