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What are the types of tools? (Tool ke Prakar)

A tool is an object that can extend a person’s ability to modify the characteristics of the surrounding environment. Only humans, whose use of stone tools dates back hundreds of millennia, have been observed using tools to make other tools.

What are the types of tools?

Technical In Ki Duniya or ITI you will get to read about five types of tools.

Types of Tools

Today I will tell you about five types of tools. Which are as follows-

1.Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools in Hindi languagemeasuring tool‘ they speak. In this way the tool is used to measure the length, width and height of any object in our daily life or industries or other sectors.

The use of this type of tool varies from place to place. somewhere more great length if you want to measure steel tape is used. And at the place where measurement is to be taken in mm, then at that place Steel Rule is used.

Apart from this, if you have heard the name of metal sheet shop, then you have heard about how to measure the thickness of the sheet. In the metal sheet shop, the thickness of the sheet cannot be checked properly with the steel rule. So wire gauge is used.

Measuring Tools- स्टील रूल, स्टील स्क्वायर, स्टील टेप, वायर गेज, वर्नियर कैलिपर, माइक्रोमीटर, रूलर, कम्पास, लेजर मीजर, प्रोटेक्टर आदि।

2.Hammering Tools

these tools in hindi languageinjury tools‘ They say. These tools are used to kill. To prevent injury to cutting tools used to cut sheet sheets when cutting, folding, joining and shaping hammering tool is used.

If a sheet is to be bent into a shape, a wooden hammer is used to strike the sheet.

This type of tool is divided into two parts, one of which is made of iron or a hammer of any other ferrous metal, the other type of tool is made of wood. Which is called Mallet.

Hammering Tools- हथौड़ा (बॉल पीन हथौड़ा, क्रॉस पीन हथौड़ा, स्ट्रेट पीन हथौड़ा), मैलेट (स्टैण्डर्ड मैलेट, बॉसिंग मैलट, एण्ड फेक्ड मैलट) आदि।

3.Marking Tools

Marking Tools in Hindi languagemarking tool,
it is said. Marking on the job is done through these tools. A variety of tools are used for marking and making various shapes on the metal sheet.

When a circle or arc is to be drawn at a place, then Divider is used. through the divider circle or arc of radius 200 mm can be installed. to draw a larger circle or arc Trammel is used.

Marking Tools- डिवाइडर, ट्रेमल, विंग कम्पास, स्क्राइबर, स्क्रैच आल आदि।

4.Cutting Tools

‘Cutting Tools’ in Hindi language shearing tool‘ They say. These tools are used to cut metal. friends, you Hacksaw and Hacksaw Blade You must have heard the name. It is used to cut metal. Hacksaw You will find it in every shop.

Snips are used to cut thin sheets of metal. Apart from this, you must have heard the name of Shearing Machine. This machine is used to cut metal sheet of very large size.

Cutting Tools- स्निप (स्ट्रेट स्निप, बैंट स्निप), शियरिंग मशीन, रेती, हैक्सॉ, छेनी आदि।

5.Piercing Tools

‘Piercing Tools’ in Hindi languagepunching tool‘ They say. These types of tools are used to make holes in the metal. You must have heard the name of the drill. Which is also called ‘Mardi Verma’ in Hindi language.

Drills are used to drill holes in thick sheets and thin sheets. If there is a very thin metal sheet, then to make a hole in it Punch is used.

Piercing Tools- पंच (ठोस पंच, खोखला पंच, पिन पंच), ड्रिल आदि।
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