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What are the types of welding? Types of Welding Homogeneous Welding, Heterogeneous Welding

Nowadays welding is being used mostly, whether small project or big project is being made, then these projects require permanent bonding at some place or the other. Welding is then used as a permanent bond. (welding ke prakar in hindi)

Friends, I have discussed in this post how many types of welding are there? (Welding there are many types) and which welding is used in which place. Complete information about etc. is given. Do read this completely.

type of welding

1.Metal Based

Welding is of two types depending on the job or metal to be joined, which are explained below-

1.Homogeneous Welding

In this type of welding, two parts are joined with or without the help of filler rods of the same metal. For example, joining mild steel through mild steel. Forge welding, gas welding, arc welding etc. come under process homogeneous welding.

2.Heterogeneous Welding

In this type of welding, two different metal parts are joined with or without the help of filler rods. In this, the melting point of the filler rod is less than the metal to be added. For example, joining mild steel with cast iron. Soldering, brazing processes come under heterogeneous welding.

2. Based on pressure

Welding is of following two types on the basis of pressure applied to it-

1.Pressure Welding

Filler material, inert gas etc. are not used in this type of welding. And the metal added to it is also brought in a liquid state. In this welding, metals or jobs are joined by applying pressure only.

types of pressure welding

It is of two types-

(i)Forge Welding

This method is the oldest method of joining metals, in which the joining part of metals or jobs is first heated in a furnace to a plastic state. After this, keeping both the parts together, they are struck with a hammer. to which the metal is attached. T-joints, V-joints, lap joints, butt joints, edge joints etc. are made by this type of welding.

(ii) resistance welding

In this type of welding, electric current is passed with the help of transformer in the metals to be joined first. And the part where the connection is to be made, the resistance is created there. Due to which that part starts heating up. When the part to be joined is heated to a plastic state. The metals to be joined are then joined by applying pressure. This welding is used to make airtight, vapor proof, gasproof and waterproof joints.

types of resistance welding

  • seam welding
  • spot welding
  • butt welding
  • flash welding
  • Projection Welding
  • percussion welding

(a)Seam welding

This welding is used to make an object without leakage. For example, gas cylinder, petrol tank etc. Its other name is Continuous spot welding or Roller spot welding.

(b) Spot welding

This welding is pressure welding, in which the electrode is made of copper. This welding works on the heating effect of electric current.

Note:- Butt welding, flash welding, projection welding and percussion welding etc. are rarely used.

2. Fragmentation Welding / Pressureless Welding

In this welding, there is no need to pressurize the metals, in this heat is passed by keeping most of the metals together. By this heat the metals are heated till they melt. In this, electricity or oxy-acetylene is used to heat metals. When this metal melts, these metals mix together to form a mixture, after which when the metal cools, then a strong joint is formed.

Types of Fission Welding / Pressureless Welding

It is mainly of three types-

(i)Gas Welding

Oxygen gas and fuel gas are used to generate temperature in this welding. In this also the place added is melted by temperature. Due to which this molten metal cools and forms strong joints.

(ii)Electrical arc welding

The temperature of the metals to be added to it is given with the help of electricity. And the metals are carried by the gas pressure. Due to which the temperature of the arc reaches 3400 ° C. This melts the metal arc and fills the joint. And on cooling, a joint is formed.

(iii)Thermit Welding

This welding is used for making large joints in locomotive engines, railway tracks, heavy machines etc. Thermit powder is used in this welding. This powder is made from a mixture of aluminum powder, metal oxide.

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