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What do you understand by social justice?

meaning of social justice

Social justice means that the distribution of wealth and positions in the society should be done in such a way that the eligible, accomplished And the capable person should not be deprived of it, that is, the special officers in the society should end. When all the people of the society feel that they are not being discriminated against, they are not being treated for injustice, exploitation and oppression, then the name of that situation is social justice. Like development, all kinds of opportunities are available.

Social justice system for Indian citizens

The following arrangements for social justice have been made for Indian citizens by constitutional provisions and various Acts-

  1. Social justice has been mentioned in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. All citizens of the country will be treated as socially equal. There will be no discrimination among them on the basis of caste, religion, sex, region, economic status, language and culture.
  2. The government can strengthen the position of social justice by making various laws and rules and enforcing them with strength and honesty and by providing institution and speedy justice to all the citizens.
  3. The dreams of social justice can be realized by providing adequate opportunities of education and training facilities to the citizens. By encouraging the spirit of moral courtesy and cooperation among all the citizens and providing food etc. to the people living below the poverty line. can provide social justice.

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