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What does environment mean?


Environment means the covering around us that we are surrounded by such as water, plants, garbage, land, air which plays a role in maintaining good balance of nature. Along with this, all living organisms play an important role in keeping alive and developing. But at present man has done the work of corrupting this priceless gift of nature by man.

2-Components of the environment:

Environment is mainly made up of atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. But they can generally be divided into two types such as – micro environment, macro environment , It can be divided into two other types, physical and biological environment as, which is discussed below.

, micro environment means the nearest local environment of the organism.

, macro environment Means all the surrounding physical and biological conditions that occur externally around living beings.

, physical environment Represents all abiotic factors or conditions like temperature, light, rainfall, soil, minerals etc. It is made up of atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere.

, biological environment is composed of all biological factors or living forms such as plants, organisms, micro-organisms

What does the environment do for us?

, Productive Values ​​of Nature: raw material used

I. For the development of new drugs

II. industrial products and

III. Environment is a storehouse of raw materials for us from which thousands of new products can be developed in future.

Beauty and the means of entertainment: our environment It also takes full care of the needs like beauty and entertainment, many examples of this are found in our daily life.

, Nature’s Choice Recognition: If we use up all our resources, all the living beings die or they become extinct from the earth, the air becomes polluted, the land becomes barren, and garbage is collected on every corner of the earth. It is certain that we are not leaving anything worth living for the generations to come.

Our present generation has developed their economies and lifestyles on an impractical way of life. However, nature has given us many options as to how we can use these goods and services. Now if we do not control our needs soon, then in the coming time everyone will have to face its terrible consequences.

What does environment mean?

3-Environmental Types

Similarly, environment exists externally in three forms.

  1. physical environment
  2. biological environment
  3. psychosocial environment

physical environment

The major part of the environment is made up of the physical environment, under which air, water, food, matter, land, sound, heat, light, river, minerals and other substances are included. With which there is constant contact with man. Due to always being in contact with these factors, they have a direct effect on human health. Due to the breakdown of the harmony of the normal state, man gets affected by the ill-effects of the environment.

4-Biological Environment –

The biological environment in the universe is a very large component that lives around humans. Even for one human being another human is also a part of the environment. It is divided into two parts.

  1. Animal Community:- In this, all the organisms from the amoeba of the micro-organism protozoa to the cardata group come.
  2. Plant community: It includes all the trees and plants from the very subtle flora, medicines to the Shikona tree group existing on the earth.

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