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What is a Bench Grinder? parts of

Friends, I have written in this post What is Bench Grinder? The parts of bench grinder etc. have been told, if you want to get information then read the post completely.

What is a Bench Grinder?

Nowadays, almost all organizations have a bench grinder installed in their workshop, so that whenever there is a need to do snagging or off hand grinding, then these processes can be done using it.

Bench Grinder

Off-hand grinding refers to the grinding process where no high accuracy is required to remove the material by wheel. Whenever polishing is required, polishing can be done by using a polishing wheel on a bench grinder.

Bench grinders are used for sharpening common tools and for fattening castings.

parts of bench grinder

Its parts are as follows-


According to the body of this grinder to bear more vibration high grade cast iron of is created.


It is powered by electricity, which acts as a spindle for mounting the armature shaft to the grinding wheel. The body of the motor is coated with an insulating varnish to handle moisture and dust, so that the moisture does not come out due to electrical moisture and does not cause electric shock to the grinder operator.


this part of the bench grinder high grade steel This bearing is well greased and sealed. Grinding wheels are mounted on spindles, two wheels are attached to a bench grinder, one of which is fine-grained and the other wheel is fine-grained.


The switch is attached to the base of the bench grinder, which is used to turn the grinder on and off. When it is turned on, the supply goes to the motor and the motor starts running, causing the wheels of the grinder to spin at a workable speed.
When the switch is turned off, the supply is cut off and the motor stops running, as well as the wheels stop spinning.

5.Safety Guard

this in hindi protective cover It is said that this cover is put on the grinding wheel, so that the metal that is cut from the wheel does not get scattered while grinding.

Friends, what if you have a bench grinder? If you liked the post, then tell me by commenting.

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