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What is a complex tissue called?

1- What are complex tissues called-

When two or more types of cells perform the same function together, then it is called complex tissue. The vascular tissue found in the plant is an example of complex tissue, it includes xylem and phloem. In the plant, xylem and phloem are arranged in the form of a vascular bundle. There are.

What is a complex tissue called?

1-Liquor or Xylem-

It is the woody part of the plant. It is made up of four types of cells.

(a) vessels or tracheids—

These are tubular cells in which both the veins are pointed. Their walls are thick due to the accumulation of lignin, their function is to transport water and substances dissolved in it to different places and to give strength to the plant.

(b) vessels or vessels—

It is also tubular, it is made up of many cells, its walls are thickened by lignin, the function of these cells is also the transport of water and dissolved substances, it also gives firmness to the plant, it is found only in angiosperm plants Is.

(c) wood fiber

These are often pointed at both ends and stout with lignin, which gives strength to the plant.

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