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What is a conductor? use of dielectric

Friends, what is the conductor in this post? The use of dielectric has been told about etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely. So let’s start-

What is a conductor? (What is Insulator?)

“A substance through which an electric current does not flow easily under the influence of an electromotive force, is called Insulator They say.”

dielectric material insulating say, or insulating are called, The number of free electrons inside such substances is negligible. Therefore, no current flows through them.

dielectric material

this substance Rubber, paper, mica, dry wood, ceramic, plastic, bakelite, cloth, porcelain, PVC. etc.

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use of dielectric materials

Their main use is to keep them away from the contact of animals with conductive substances.
When a line or wire of voltage of 11,000 voltage or less or more is fitted to poles, the line or wire acts as a conductor therein, and the line or wire contains a dielectric material such as; porcelain is used. Due to which the electric current flowing in the wire or line does not come down in the pole, due to which there is no possibility of any accident.

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