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What is a coolant, about its properties and about its use.

Coolant kya hai in hindi:- Welcome My Website- iticourse.com Friends, in this post I have given complete information about what is coolant, and its properties and uses.

What is coolant?

“During the cutting process in metal, the tool and the job are heated, then a coolant is used to prevent both of them from overheating.”


Let’s say we are doing the drilling process on a drill machine. Then in this process we have a job doing holes and a drill tool. With the help of which we are making a hole in the job. When drilling a hole, both the job and the drill produce a lot of heat due to the cutting process. And this will spoil both our job and drill.

By leaving the job hot, it will lose its mechanical properties. And the cutting edge of the tool will wear out. Due to which we will suffer from both sides. So to avoid all these disadvantages coolant is used while drilling process or cutting process in other machines. With its use, both will be able to get hot very rarely.

properties of coolant

Its properties are as follows-

  1. The specific heat and thermal conductivity of the coolant should be high.
  2. It should not be able to stain the surface of the job.
  3. It should be transparent. So that the point of the tool and the process can be easily seen while doing the cutting process.
  4. It should not cause damage to machine parts and tools.
  5. The coolant must have good properties to keep the job and tool cool.
  6. It should keep the surface of the job and tool wet.
  7. The coolant should have the ability to absorb heat quickly.

use of coolant

Its use has the following advantages-

  1. Reduces the heat generated in the cutting process.
  2. This prolongs the life of the cutting tool.
  3. There is less friction between the job and the tool.

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