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What is a Fuse? How many types of fuses are there? its uses

Friends, welcome to my website, today I will show you what is Fuse? What are its types, and I will tell about its use etc. If you want to get information, then read the post completely. So let’s start

What is a Fuse?

It is the weakest part of the electric circuit, if more than a certain value of electric current flows in the electric circuit, then Fuse It burns, due to which the electrical equipment running in our homes remains safe.

This is a safety device, it is always connected in series in the wiring in homes or shops. The fuse is always applied after the main current control (eg. reading meter) and before the electrical load (eg. electrically operated equipment).
Fuse always depends on the heating effect of electric current.

Structure of Fuse

It is made up of three parts, which are as follows-

1.Fuse Element

It is the main part of the fuse, it provides protection to the equipment. It is a piece of wire made of an alloy that is screwed into the fuse carrier, which burns out when an electric current of greater value is flowing through a circuit, and the circuit remains protected.

2.Fuse Carrier

This part is mounted on top of the fuse base, in this part the fuse element is tightened.

3.Fuse Base

It is a part in which the supply phase wire and load phase wire are connected together, this part is mounted on any wood, PVC, Bakelite or any other dielectric metal. how goes.

Uses of Fuse

It protects against overload current flowing in the circuit due to some reason.
It protects against short circuit current in the circuit.
It protects the circuit and the running electrical equipment from getting burnt or damaged.

Types of Fuse

These are of five types, which are as follows-

  1. round Fuse
  2. cartridge Fuse
  3. kit kate Fuse
  4. type of plug Fuse
  5. HRC Fuse

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