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What is a multimeter? invention of multimeter

Friends, in this post What is a multimeter? Invention and Types of Multimeter etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is a multimeter? (Multimeter kya hai?)

a device by which we Current, Resistance and Voltage etc., measure it Multimeter it is said.


to this Evo Meter & Multimeter also say. in simple multimeter 0 to 25 micro amps A moving coil device is used.
There is a rotary switch in the multimeter, which is used to measure separately i.e. electric current, resistance and voltage.
this meter not the frequency measures, by AC and D.C. Both types of currents are measured.
This meter is mostly used in electronic repairing centers.

Why is a multimeter called an avo meter?

it in english language AVO (Avo) It is said, whose full form is as follows-
A – Ampere (Ammeter)
V – Voltage (Voltmeter)
O- (Oh meter)

Friends, you must have read the full form A means ammeter, V means voltmeter and O means ohm meter.
Multimeter does the work of all three instruments, so by connecting these three instruments, the multimeter is called Evo meter.

invention of multimeter

invention of multimeter 1920 was used as a radio receiver. It was invented by British engineer Donald Macadie was did.

Types of Multimeter

This instrument is of two types, which are as follows-

  • analog multimeter
  • digital multimeter

Guys, what if you have a multimeter? Post If you like it then tell me by commenting.

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