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What is a scanner? Types of scanners.(What is Scanner? Type of scanner

What is Scanner? (What is Scanner)

It is an input device through which a written document shape can be input into the computer. The document or picture to be scanned is placed on a flat surface of the scanner.

And through the lens and light source mounted on the scanner, the image is sent to the computer’s memory by photo-sensing it into binary data. And this image can be seen on the screen of the monitor. The quality of a scanner is measured per unit area. Depending on the number, the resolution is called-

Generally these two types of scanners are used
1-Plate Bed Scanner-

Flatbed scanners are desktop scanners. Flatbed scanners have a large glass surface and a lid. These scanners work best with flat objects such as photos and paper, but you can also place large objects such as open books on the scanner bed. Some models of flatbed scanners come with built-in all-in-one devices that function as printers, scanners, copy machines, and fax machines.

Flatbed scanners are the most commonly used scanners, they are used both at home and in the office. This scanner looks like a photocopier. Flatbed scanner can scan any document with a click of a button.

plate bed scanner

2-Hand Held Scanner

hand held scanner

Sheetfed scanners scan loose papers placed in trays by pulling in a static scanning lens. These devices make it easier to scan a large pile of paper than a flatbed scanner, where you have to insert and remove each page. However, because of their design, they won’t work for scanning books or large letters that don’t fit in the tray. Some Sheetfed scanners have additional trays for designating small items such as business cards.

It is a device that shows the presence and absence of a pencil or pen mark on the seat of a paper by passing light into it.


Where there is no chin, light passes through and where there is china. Light stops there. It is used to check the answer sheets of foreign competitive examinations.

In OCR there is a standard set of characters to write the data. So that the text can be read by humans, these are called OCR.


In this, each letter is illuminated by a light source and can be obtained and read on a photosensitive machine placed below in Oceania.
Features of OCR-

1-Its speed is very high
2- There is no need to regenerate the data when it is used.
3-Data is not fed manually, which also reduces the chances of error

This device is mainly used in banks. Bank code numbers, customer account numbers and bank amounts are displayed by MICR at the bottom of the bank’s cheque.


In this, a special type of magnetic needle is used, which is coated with iron oxide in the magnetic properties. To read a check, it is passed under the MICR. Here the reading head takes the larger interval as one and the smaller interval as 0. falls as.

(E) Joy stick
Here there is a Hanuman figure on a surface, which is held by hand and rotating the ball inside it. By rotating Anil, one can easily change the direction of the moving object on the screen.

joy stick

That’s why this device is used by children to play video games on the computer. Although most of the games can be played by the keyboard but it is convenient to play with the joy stick.

(F) Light pen
It is used to place a special route on the map, such as in cricket, to show the spectators the position of the ball in the field by making a circle, etc.
It is also called graphic tablet.

light pen

It is an input device that can be displayed in the form of lines called bars. These are fixed for different data. The bar contains various information of a product such as the price of the product, the name of the product, the name of the product. The date may be indicated.


This code cannot be read manually. The advantage of this device is that the operator does not have to feed the product related data while generating the bill, he only fits these data into the computer. There is no chance of error. She is also used in shopping malls, medical stores etc.

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