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What is a tachometer? What is Techometer in hindi.

Today in this article we will know what is tachometer? (What is Techometer) How is its structure, how it works and how many types they are and will learn about many facts related to it.


The word tachometer is derived from the Greek words “takos” (meaning speed) and “metron” (meaning measuring). That’s why it can also be called a speedometer. It is commonly used to measure the rotational speed of shafts or discs in motors and other machines.


In tachometer or speedometer, both do the same thing. Both of these measure motion, they are named differently in formal engineering. Because their working principle is the same but the structure and shape are different.

type of tachometer

Tachometer is classified according to its functionality and its design. Tachometers are of the following types –

  1. Contact type tachometer
  2. Non-contact type tachometer
  3. Electronic type tachometer
  4. Analog Tachometer
  5. Digital Tachometer
  6. Time measuring Tachometer
  7. Frequency measuring Tachometer
  8. Mechanical Tachometer

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contact type tachometer

It is a tool that can be used Electricity Motors are used in measuring speed. It is connected independently to a shaft and is worked with a flywheel. It measures the speed of the wheel in revolutions per minute. It is also used in calculating linear speed and distance.

non contact type tachometer

It is a device that does not require the equipment to be connected independently of the rotating shaft. Because it requires infrared light, laser or other light source to connect to the shaft. Therefore this device is more durable, accurate and efficient.

electric type tachometer

It is a device that is mainly used on the dashboard of a car to measure driving speed. It is a device consisting of electronic components to measure the speed of a car engine that is directly connected to the engine of the car. It uses a magnetic pickup placed near the engine to generate electronic waves and rotates the engine. Indicates the speed in RPM.

Electronic type techometer

analog tachometer

It is an electronic device that calculates the revolutions of machines according to the time period. And it is able to read the frequency with which the coil current changes. If the engine spins faster, the voltage becomes higher, causing the change in the generated magnetic field to become more radical.

digital tachometer

It is a type of digital device that measures rotational speed. It is used in applications of airplanes, hospitals, automobiles and other rotating devices.

time gauge tachometer

This instrument is used to calculate the speed by measuring the time interval between the incoming parties. This equipment is used in low speed machines.

frequency measuring tachometer

It is a device that calculates the speed in RPM by measuring the frequency between the parties. These devices are used in high speed machines.

mechanical tachometer

It is a device that uses a series of tuned reads to identify engine speed. It calculates the engine speed by indicating the frequency of the machines.

tachometer value

Its value also depends on their functionality, size, texture like other items. If we talk about tachometer, then its price can be from 1000 rupees to 20000 rupees.

How does a tachometer work?

A tachometer is a device that measures the speed of an engine in minutes per revolution.

How much does a tachometer cost?

There are different types of tachometers and they have different functions due to which their value is also different. Their price can range from Rs.1000 to Rs.20,000.

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Read in Hindi: What is a tachometer? What is Techometer in hindi.
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