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What is a transformer, parts of a transformer, what are the types of transformers.

It is used to increase or decrease the voltage. This a. Works on c. It was invented in Britain. Friends, welcome to my website, I have written in this post What is a transformer? The types of transformers have been described. If you want to know then read the post completely.

What is transformer?

It is an electrical machine, it does not generate electricity. It simply converts high voltage to low voltage and low voltage to high voltage. No part of it is moving or rotating. this in hindi language transformer it is said.

It only works on AC But on DC does not. If work is done on DC. Or DC supply should be given in the transformer. So the winding of the transformer will burn out. And the transformer will go bad. Transformer a. Doesn’t make any difference to the frequency and power of C.

what is the principle of transformer

“This Faraday’s electromagnetic induction Works on the principle of

Transformer efficiency

Efficiency of good quality transformer 95% – 99% Happens till then.

who invented the transformer

its invention Michael Faraday was did.

Transformer Parts

These are as follows-


This is the main part of the transformer, because it is in this part that transformer oil is filled, and in this the core and the winding wrapped around the core are immersed.


This part is lamination, the thickness of the lamination is 0.25 – 0.5 mm. This silicon steel is made of. Winding is done on this part. Its main use is to give easy passage to the flux.

3.Primary Winding

this winding always source is connected to, that is, connected to the main line. These windings are made of copper.

4.Secondary winding

this winding always Load is added to, that is, linked to a product. These windings are made of copper.


The round of wires on the core is known as winding. This is called Kundli in Hindi language. Two windings are done in a single phase transformer. Out of which one is primary winding and the other is secondary winding, and three windings are done in three phase transformer. Out of which three are primary winding and three are secondary winding.

6.Transformer Oil

It is filled in the tank of the transformer. It is used to reduce the heat generated in the transformer. It is of two types, first is mineral oil and second is synthetic oil. Mineral oil is obtained from petroleum. And synthetic oil is made from a mixture of hydrocarbons and silicones.


It is a small tank, it fits over the main tank, this tank is half full. This tank is half full so that when the oil in the main tank overheats, then the volume of the oil increases, but the volume of the tank does not increase, this will cause the tank to explode. So when the oil is heated and increases its volume, then some of the oil goes into the smaller tank, and when the oil temperature is lower, the volume of the oil decreases, and only then half of the oil from the smaller tank goes into the main tank. . (what is a transformer)

8.Buckolz Relay

This part consists of two mercury switches and two floats. Bulkose relay is installed in the pipeline connecting main tank and conservator. When any type of internal fault occurs in the transformer, then the Bakholz relay gives an alarm, and at the same time cuts the main line, so that the light coming from the main line does not enter the transformer, and the accident is avoided. She goes. The Bakholz relay acts as an automatic circuit breaker.

9.Explosion Vent

This pressure release valve it is said. When air builds up in the tank due to a short circuit or any other reason, it expels the air generated in the tank, but does not allow outside air to enter. If it won’t let the air out. Then there will be the risk of transformer bursting.


breather, word breathing Derived from, which means to breathe. This part serves to supply dry air to the transformer.
in this silicate filled it happens. It is connected to the conservator. When the oil temperature in the tank increases, the volume of the oil increases, and at the same time the air pressure increases, then it is released with the help of an air breather and an explosion vent. And as the oil cools, the oil contracts, and at the same time absorbs air. It goes through air breather. The breather hydrates the air before it enters the tank, that is, the silica gel in the breather absorbs the moisture from the air. If moist air goes into the tank. Then the transformer will be damaged.

Silica water is blue in dry state. And the color of moist silicate is pink.


Busing is used to cover the wire exiting the transformer. Its size is selected on the basis of voltage. The length of the bussing is kept short on the low voltage winding side. And the higher the voltage is placed more towards the winding.

Friends, if you have a transformer, what is the post? Good If you do, please do comment and share.

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