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What is a voltmeter and how many types are there and their structure

What is a voltmeter and what are its types and their structure, the voltmeter measures the potential difference between any two points, is called a voltmeter. There are two types of voltmeters.

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what are the types of voltmeters

There are mainly two types of voltmeters, analog voltmeter, digital voltmeter.

what is analog voltmeter

So friends, let us know what an analog voltmeter is. Care should be taken while using this type of meter as the voltmeter gets damaged easily with shocks.

How Analog Voltmeter Works

The voltmeter in which a needle is attached while measuring volts is called analog voltmeter. Most analog voltmeters also come with up to 250 volts. When you look at the analog voltmeter, there will be a dial from 0 volts to 300 volts. When you measure volts with a voltmeter, the voltmeter needle stops at the volt value on the dial, similar to the analog voltmeter measured volts.

Most instruments measure up to 300 volts, if you buy a voltmeter, then buy a voltmeter up to 300 volts.

parts of analog voltmeter

  1. indicator zero connector
  2. indicator pointer
  3. Continuity Indicating LED
  4. indicator scale output
  5. range selector switch knob
  6. zero ohm adjusting knob
  7. terminal scale
  8. COM Terminal Measurement
  9. series terminal capacitor
  10. Panel
  11. rear case

what is digital voltmeter

So friends know what a digital voltmeter is, this meter shows measurement in volts, measurement in current amperes and resistance and measurement in ohms in the form of numbers on the displayed display.

How to measure volt with digital voltmeter.

Analog voltmeter and digital voltmeter both perform a similar function. To measure volts with a digital voltmeter, the meter is placed in parallel in the circuit in the circuit.

what is the use of digital voltmeter

  1. To measure the voltage drop and resistance at the position ends of the components.
  2. Digital voltmeters are used in circuits to test the continuity of electrical devices, relays, etc.
  3. The source in which the supply is given is in the measurement.
  4. It is used in checking capacitors, diodes, transistors to find their position by measuring the current taken in the circuit. This is a great tool for testing.

Features of Digital Voltmeter

  1. A good voltmeter has a sensitivity of 20KΩ/Volt.
  2. Some voltmeters have 0 to 10 amps DC. Measuring limits are also made. For this a very small value shunt has to be used.

What precautions should be taken in digital voltmeter

  1. Initially the higher measurement limit should be selected at the time of voltage measurement.
  2. The resistor to measure the resistance should be disconnected from the circuit.

difference between ammeter and voltmeter

ammeter voltmeter
1. It measures the current flowing in the circuit. Here it measures the potential difference between any two points in the circuit.
2. It is connected in series in the electric circuit. It is connected in parallel in the electric circuit.
3. The scale of the ammeter is written in amperes. The scale of a voltmeter is indicated in volts.
4. Its resistance is high. Its resistance is low.
5. An ideal ammeter has zero resistance. The resistance of an ideal voltmeter is infinite.

final conclusion

Friends, today I have told you what is a voltmeter and how many types of voltmeters are there and how How It works and told about its structure, if you like my post, then do share it with your friends, thank you.

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