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What is an Analog Voltmeter? resistance to

Friends, I have read in this post What is Analog Voltmeter? It has been told about its resistance etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is an Analog Voltmeter? (Analog Voltmeter kya hai?)

A voltmeter that has a needle for reading volts is called Analog Voltmeter it is said.

Analog Voltmeter

most people nowadays 250 volts needs to be measured. this volt 0 volt to 300 volt range is used. These voltmeters are available in many ranges in the market.
The needle of this meter stops at the number on the dial, the number of volts being measured.

resistance of analog voltmeter

resistance of analog voltmeter 10K ohm It is applied because it does not give power to the voltmeter at all, but gradually, so that the voltmeter does not wear out quickly.

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